The Walking Dead Workout Game

The Walking Dead is premiering it’s fourth season on Sunday and I can’t wait! The storyline, characters, and pure adrenaline have kept me in suspense for the last three seasons. I can’t wait to see what dangers arise down the road!

While spending time in front of the TV has been a favorite pastime of mine, it can also be a downfall. I often find myself marathoning shows at home, and it can quickly turn into a day of zero activity. This workout game will bring together getting in a workout and watching your favorite zombie apocalypse TV show. Now get ready to have your mind blown, figuratively of course!

The Walking Dead Workout Game can be played two ways:

  1. Do the exercises as the word or action takes place.
  2. Tally up the exercises and do them during the commercial breaks.

Either way, you’re sure to sweat, so grab your comfy workout clothes and get ready to watch some zombies go down!

The Walking Dead Workout Game


Download this Workout

How-To Exercise Videos

Jumping Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Glute Push
Tuck Jumps
Wall Sit
Tricep Dips
Jump Squats
Arm Circles

What do you predict will happen on this season of The Walking Dead?

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