8 Effective Arm Exercises to Get Rid of Flab

I have scoured the web for unique arm exercises because I know many women (and even men) are looking to tone their arms. Gathered here is a series of 8 exercises that will help shape and boost your arm strength. Of course, spot training isn’t possible, but by adding this to your repertoire of workouts, you’ll get those Michelle Obama arms you’ve always wanted!

Before you start, choose your weight!

Because we’ll be doing high reps, use a lower weight dumbbell. I recommend that if you’re a beginner you choose 3 or 5 pound dumbbells, the more advanced can use 5-8 pound weights. Do each exercise for 30 seconds and rest 15 seconds between each exercise.

1. Dumbbell Bicep Curls

A classic exercise to tone your biceps. Make sure to keep your tummy tight and biceps engaged, this will help you refrain from swinging the dumbbells.

2. Forearm Plank

The forearm plank is an amazing full body exercise that not only tones your glutes, abs, and thighs, but your shoulders too! Plus, there’s no equipment necessary! Have you met 71 year-old Betty Lou Sweeney? She holds the world record for forearm planks, at an amazing 37 minutes!

3. Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks

The tricep is actually larger than the bicep which is why it’s so important to focus on this muscle during weight training. This exercise will help tone and shape that back part of your arm!

4. Incline Push-Up

Incline pushups amp up the normal pushup by elevating your lower half from the group. This exercise strengthens your chest, shoulders, and triceps.The higher your feet are from the ground, the higher the difficulty!

5. Arm Circles

This can be done with light weights, or no weights at all, and gives your shoulders and traps a run for their money!

6. Dumbbell Chest Press

The main muscle group worked during this exercise is the chest, but your shoulders and triceps will feel it too!

7. Dumbbell Upright Row

The trap, biceps, and shoulders are all used to lift and lower your dumbbells during an upright row.

8. Tricep Push-Up

Yep, I saved the best for last! Tricep push-ups not only work your triceps, but also your chest and shoulders! This exercise, if done properly, is the key to getting rid of that arm flab you hate! For a modification of this exercise, drop down to your knees.

What is your favorite arm exercise?

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Lee is the blogger behind fitfoodiefinds.com. Lee is a recipe developer, certified Yoga Sculpt Instructor, and amateur photographer. She loves the outdoors, eats a lot of peanut butter, and is up by 6AM.