Triple Threat HIIT Workout

Looking for a quick exercise to get you in and out of the gym? Well, we have you covered. I have crafted the perfect cardio routine for a fast and effective HIIT workout. So strap on your kicks and get ready for the Triple Threat HIIT Workout!

HIIT mixes bursts of sprints with a lower intensity speeds. The higher intensity interval should be completed close to 100% effort, where the lower intensity interval is usually around 50% effort. HIIT is perfect for the busy schedule plus it can burn the same amount of calories as a slower, longer workout!

This triple threat workout incorporates HIIT plus gives you some variety by using three different machines! Are you ready?

Triple Threat HIIT Workout

​Warm up: 2-minute light jog

Treadmill (Incline 1)

Complete 8 sets

  1. 20 second sprint (100% effort)
  2. 40 second jog (60% effort)

Stationary Bike (Resistance 8)

Complete 10 sets

  1. 30 second sprint (90% effort)
  2. 30 second (50% effort)

Elliptical (Resistance 10)

Complete 8 sets

  1. 45 second sprint (100% effort)
  2. 1 minute 50% effort

Cool down: 2-minute light jog

What is your favorite machine for a HIIT workout?

Let us know in the comments below!
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