4 Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

Let’s face it, there aren’t many people who can master a skill without dedication and a passion for the craft. Golf seems to be the epitome of this, so if you’re looking to improve your game, it’s your lucky day.

Dust off your plaid pants and preferred polo and get ready to conquer the course. These 4 exercises that will improve your functional strength and can drastically enhance your golf game by focusing on the following fundamentals:

  • Swing Control
  • Conditioning
  • Explosive Movement
  • Core Rotation
  • Proper Pivoting

All you need is a golf club, barbell (weight of your choice), soft cloth rope (or jump rope if not available), and a medicine ball (weight of your choice). Make it a goal complete each exercise with a minimum of 30-40 reps each for maximum efficiency.

1. Rope Swing Simulators

This exercise will not only condition your body for a fluid swing but will also give you the upper hand in the “swing control” department.

For this exercise, you’ll need a soft cloth rope (about double the length of your club) or a jump rope (not the beaded kind). Focus on 3 things: foot pivot, fluid swing, and controlled follow-through. If you swing as hard as you can, you’ll end up flogging yourself; so try to combine power with finesse!

2. “Pump” Drill

Here’s a chance to work on your explosive driving power! This drill conditions your fast twitch muscle fibers and tones your core. Be sure to emulate your regular swing, but take 3 aggressive “pulses” with your golf club stopping smoothly at the hip (while still exploding from full back swing position) and on the 4th pulse complete a full follow through. Reset your stance and repeat!

3. Medicine Ball “Lion Kings”

This exercise will help you with your foot pivot on BOTH sides while honing in your balance. This will give you complete control of your body on all fronts. Simply grab the heaviest medicine ball you feel comfortable with and raise it towards the ceiling across from your shoulder. Keep your arms extended, swoop the ball down at your feet while bending at the waist, and raise the medicine ball above the OTHER shoulder while pivoting your feet in the same direction. Repeat!

4. Parallel Bar Twists

Targeting proper core rotation, all you need to do is set a bar (or club) down on the ground parallel with the side of your foot and stand right next to it (physically touching the bar on the ground). Then, take a front loaded hold of the barbell and stand square. From here, rotate at the core and line the bar in your arms up with the bar on the floor while pivoting the non-planted foot. Focus on going the direction of your swing, but remember to do the other side for balanced efficiency.

Your new-found power and conditioning will come in handy during your next round of golf. Now get out there and give it a go! I’ve already alerted the PGA!

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