The Most Important Four-Letter Word in Fitness​

Two years ago, I got a tour of Washington, D.C. with a historian who knew all the great stories behind our most famous monuments and leaders. It was a fascinating experience, and without him, I would never have learned as much. It reminded me how I always get more from visiting foreign countries when I’m with someone who’s fluent in the culture and language. And how I catch more and bigger fish when I work with a fishing guide.

What do these experiences have in common?

They all involve doing something often seen as a sign of weakness, even though it actually shows great strength of character: asking for help.

It’s no different when you take a journey toward improved personal health. I’ve seen it over 20 years in the fitness industry and with every Anytime Fitness member success story.

Regardless of their personal goals- battling anorexia, losing weight, overcoming a physical disability, or training for an athletic event- the common denominator for each member’s success was working with a compassionate-yet-tough personal trainer.

And that started with asking for help.

When did h-e-l-p become a four-letter word? I’ve seen it first-hand: When you ask for help in achieving your fitness goals, you learn more and cross the finish line faster.

A good personal trainer provides:

  • Creative exercises to spice up the workout
  • Educates you on exercise and proper form
  • Recognizes your hard work
  • And gives you someone to lean on when the physical and emotional demands get really tough which they will, if you’re doing it right.

Working out sucks, but working with a trainer helps it suck a lot less. In business, school, life, and in the gym, success never happens alone.

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Chuck Runyon is the co-founder and CEO of Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest and fastest-growing coed fitness chain, and the author of Working Out Sucks: And Why It Doesn't Have To).