5 New Active Mobile Apps to Try

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all push a button and have flat abs, toned legs, and sculpted arms? I know I’d like it! But alas, we have to work for those things.

In this great age of technology, it’d be silly for us not to use the tools available right at our fingertips. If you have a smartphone, whip it out and get ready to download some awesomely active apps!

1. Skimble – Free

Available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Skimble’s Workout Trainer is one of my favorite apps to use at the gym. When I’m done with my cardio, I simply open the app and choose a workout. You can pick target muscle areas like arms, legs, or simply choose full body.

The workouts are organized by level of difficulty from moderate to intense and also the duration of each workout. Additionally, there are filters that allow you to search based on time available, equipment, and difficulty. And the best part-it sends notifications to your smartphone to remind you to workout.

2. Seconds – Free, Pro Version: $4.99

Available on iPhone and iPad

If you are into tabata workouts or just learning to run, then the Seconds app should be a-must on your download list. It has many timers available including HIIT, circuit training, tabata, round, compound, and empty. It’s free to use and is customizable!

For instance, I used Seconds to ease into running again. Instead of jumping straight into it, and risk injury, I used the app to segment the exercise by rotating between 2 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking. The timer also allows you to set up a full timer for the duration of your workout.

3. Runtastic Push-Ups – Free, Pro Version: $1.99

Available on iPhone and Android

I wish I could do more push-ups. I’ll tell you a secret: I can’t do more than 4 regular push-ups. It’s embarrassing. But you and I will soon be doing many more with the Runtastic Push-ups app! This app is a personal trainer dedicated to upping your push-up limit every day.

You simply enter your push-up ability level (don’t worry they help you choose) and then you’re off! Once you master the push-up, you can master the plank!

4. Zombies, Run! – $3.99

Available on iPhone and Android

I love zombies. I know it’s weird to say that but the idea of a blood thirsty zombie chasing me down to eat my brains is the perfect motivation to workout. Let’s get real.

This app is for those who are looking to add a little game to their running workout. The run begins on a lovely summer day, the sun is shining and then BAM, zombies attack! So now what? RUN!!!

This app makes increasing your running pace fun and exciting! Plus, the game element makes it less “work” and more “play.” I highly recommend this to every runner, beginning or advanced.

5. WOD Deck of Cards – Free

I was introduced to this deck of cards type game by my trainer. She told me we were going to use a deck of cards to structure the workout. Each suit had an excercise and then I had to complete the number on the card. And, of course, my first card was an Ace of Diamonds (20 push-ups).

This awesome app turns working out into a entertaining game of cards! You can even decide what each card will represent. So if you want to concentrate on legs, you could make all the exercises leg exercises. The options are endless!

What are your favorite health and fitness apps?

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Amanda is a designer at heart and loves to create infographics! She also loves race cars, spending time with her friends and family, and wasting time on Pinterest. She would be happy spending the rest of her life in Ely, MN.