5 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

We’ve all heard it before—one of the cornerstones of keeping a healthy body is keeping that body well-hydrated. Drinking water helps regulate your body temperature, transport nutrients and oxygen to the necessary parts of your body, lubricate joints, and flush out toxins and waste. But sometimes, even when we know what’s best for us, it can be difficult to follow through. If you’re battling with hydration, try some of these easy tricks to up your H20 intake.

Set a glass by your beside

Drinking water throughout the day is important, but drinking it first thing in the morning is a great way to jump start your metabolism and quench your body after 8+ hours of dehydration. Before bed, set out a glass of water on your bedside table. When the alarm goes off in the AM, chug that glass of water before your tootsies ever touch the floor.

Make it a game

For you competitive folks, how about turning your water consumption into a game? Challenge yourself to hit a certain daily number of ounces of water—64 is a good place to start—and keep track of your progress through the Anytime Health diet tracker. Then, at the end of the week, reward yourself handsomely for hitting your goals. I suggest a shiny new water bottle!

Set an alarm for a hydration break

If forgetting to sip is one of your biggest issues, an alarm on your phone can save the day. Set an alarm every hour. When the alarm goes off, stop what you are doing and drink a small glass of water. Bonus: you can use the alarm as a stretch and move break if you’re stuck at a desk all day. Walk around, sip some water and revel in how rejuvenated and refreshed you feel.

Integrate water-drinking into your daily habits

We all have little tasks we complete throughout the day. Maybe you’re a lip-balm-aholic who can’t go an hour without reaching for the nearest tube. Maybe you’re email obsessed and check your inbox every few minutes. Whatever it is, figure out some task that is part of your everyday and tie water-drinking to it. Every time you swipe on some lip balm, take a sip of water. Each time you refresh your inbox, take a gulp. Before you know it, one of your daily habits will be drinking water.

Ban other drinks until after you’ve hit your water goals

Thirst can be quenched by many different foods and beverages, but the real item your body is craving is pure, clean water. If you struggle with not feeling thirsty because you are drinking other beverages, try relegating those beverages to “bonus” drinks—you only get to touch them if you’ve already hit your water goals for the day. The added benefit of this is that you skip many of the empty calories and chemicals of most off-the-shelf drinks in favor of water.

Are you good about staying hydrated?

Do you have any tricks or tips on how non-water-drinkers can up their intake?

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