5 Awesome Pre-Wedding Bridal Workouts

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to getting in shape for your upcoming wedding day. This can be such a stressful, yet fun time in your life. But finding time to workout can be difficult. Alas, we have 5 quick, yet intense workouts that will tone and tuck so you look gorgeous on your big day!

Workout: Andrea Orbeck’s Bridal Bod Workout

Time: 10-Minutes

Target Area: Full Body

Heidi Klum’s trainer introduces us to some excellent exercises that target all the areas brides want to tone. Make sure you’re ready to sweat!

Workout: Bridal Bootcamp: Get a Sexy Back

Time: 15-20 Minutes

Target Area: Back

Backless dresses beg for this workout. Tone your back and shoulders with this excellent workout from SELF.

Workout: Sleeveless Ready in 15 Minutes

Time: 15 Minutes

Target Area: Arms

Glamour wants to make sure that you don’t have “hi, betty’s” at your wedding so they created the Sleeveless Workout, helping you to be confident on your big day!

Workout: Bridal Bum Workout

Time: 15-20 Minutes

Target Area: Legs & Glutes

The Lean Body Bride brings you an excellent leg and glutes workout that promises to tone! She reminds us to remember to squeeze our glutes during the exercises, as well as push through the middle/back part of our foot.

Workout: The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Ab Workout

Time: 15 Minutes

Target Area: Core

This workout designed by personal trainer Lara McKenzie, is sure to help tone your bridal bod. Pair this workout with 20-30 minutes of cardio, 3 times a week for rock hard abs on your big day.

Resources: Health and Fitness for Brides

When is your big day? How have you been preparing for it?

photo credit: Ed Yourdon | Bert Palmer | Traveling Tribe

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