Anything is Possible: Why I Love Seeing Newbies at the Gym

I have been going to the gym for over five years now. And, just like the show Cheers, it’s a place where everybody knows your name. But, lately, I have been spotting more and more newbies in the crowd. It seems odd to me because New Year’s has come and gone. And then I wonder, what is their motivation for being here?

  • Do they want to get their old high school body back?
  • Do they want to run a race?
  • Do they want to get healthy?
  • Did their loved one tell them they needed to drop a couple of pounds?
  • Did they just watch the Biggest loser and get inspired?
  • Do they want to fit into a new dress or suit?

Whatever their motivation, it’s always inspiring to see someone make a commitment to being active!

We’re Not That Different, You and Me

I recently came across a new face at my gym. He was on the treadmill in front of me — overweight, walking slow, and looking a little unsure of himself. Doubt and determination simultaneously existed in his eyes. He reminded me of myself five years ago – a guy who could only last 48 seconds on a treadmill; someone who was ashamed to be inside of a gym for fear of being judged. I wanted to tell this brave new member, that it can and will get better, that amazing transformations are possible — you just can’t give up.

Don’t Prove People Wrong, Prove Yourself Right

When I first started my weight loss journey, so many people told me I would be unsuccessful, and that whatever weight I lost I would gain back. To all those naysayers, I can proudly say that I have kept off over 200 pounds for over four years. I developed confidence and discovered strength, and have found ways to pay if forward. The blog I created inspires people on a daily basis, and for that I am incredibly humbled and grateful.

Anything is Possible

I used to be healthy and fit only in my dreams. Now I believe: if you dream it, you can become it.

I used to hate fruits and vegetables; for years I wouldn’t go near the stuff. I for sure didn’t like papaya. Now, my plate is more colorful than it ever was before, and I’ve learned that healthy food can taste great! But I still don’t like papaya (it’s not my thing).

I used to be unable to fit under an umbrella at 400 pounds, and I hated getting soaked! Today, there was a downpour in Orlando as I left the gym. I could have used my umbrella, but didn’t want to. I didn’t even run to my car. I just walked. And, walking in the rain never felt so good.

What are some of your gym thoughts?

Share in the comments below.

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Tony Posnanski is a renowned blogger, chef, and Anytime Fitness member. Tony was once 400 pounds but has lost 200 pounds. He writes about weight loss, fitness, motivation and more on his blog The Anti Jared.