38 Excuse-Proof Reasons to Get to the Gym

Let’s be honest…there will ALWAYS be a reason why you can skip the gym, bail on that jog, or reach for that fistful of fatty food rather than the healthier option we know is better for us. These are the very reasons that most of us fight not on a weekly basis… nor daily… Nor hourly! I’m talking a MINUTELY basis. That’s how often a majority of people are thinking about all the excuses not to take care of themselves and be active.

You can stop that nonsense right now, ya hear?

Let’s say bye-bye to the excuses. And in their place are the following 50 reasons to make it to the gym! Whenever you find yourself being a pessimistic Pete, choose a few of these and turn yourself into a motivated Marco or a better-choice Joyce!

  1. Waking up motivated, not deflated.
  2. Your clothes fit better.
  3. Keeping up with your kids is easier.
  4. Gets rid of lower back pain.
  5. More consistent energy.
  6. More happy endorphins, less of the sad.
  7. Greater sex drive.
  8. Cheaper! Eating healthy at home saves money over eating out.
  9. More confidence.
  10. Get more done throughout the day. Once you get your body’s motor running, it doesn’t want to stop.
  11. You’re smarter! The more active your body is, the more active your brain is!
  12. Sets a good example for loved ones around you (kids, significant others, family).
  13. Less shame! That feeling of “I should start taking care of myself” will disappear!
  14. No more getting winded climbing stairs!
  15. No more holding your breath while you tie your shoes!
  16. A chance to try that Zumba class.
  17. Better relationships with loved ones.
  18. Increased social skills.
  19. Feel better taking your shirt off at the beach, by the pool, or just at home.
  20. Lessens your chance of cardiovascular disease.
  21. Athletic shoes are increasingly fashionable and fabulous.
  22. A monthly gym membership costs the same as one night of going out to dinner. Only you can use the gym EVERY night.
  23. Increased flexibility.
  24. Increased creativity.
  25. Less necessity for medications.
  26. Longer life span spent enjoying your new-found self worth.
  27. Enjoying a hike rather than struggling through it.
  28. Better occupational performance.
  29. Alleviates day-to-day aches and pains.
  30. Increased motivation to do the things you’ve always WANTED to do like run a 5k, water ski, snowboard, become an astronaut, or do the running of the bulls.
  31. Inspire those closest to you to achieve and feel everything on this list, which in turn benefits YOU. EVERYBODY wins!
  32. Be able to complete the Tough Mudder.
  33. Show your friends you are a true warrior by running in the Warrior Dash.
  34. You won’t be afraid to be in pictures anymore!
  35. More radiant skin.
  36. Smell better (it’s true).
  37. You’ll smile more, which will become CONTAGIOUS leading to a much happier world!
  38. You’re worth it.

I could keep going with all the benefits that being active are, but I think you get the point. There isn’t a single negative excuse just ONE of these doesn’t beat.

If it were easy then it wouldn’t be special.

What is your number one reason to get to the gym?

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Josh is a massive weight loser. A journey that started when he was very young and battling depression, eating disorders, and bullies. His life’s mission is to always have an arm outstretched to those who are looking for a helping hand. He leads with the most important tools he has: heart and soul.