3 Things No One Tells You About Losing Weight

I’ve been open and honest with you about my daily weight loss struggles — everything from food addiction to making excuses for not working out. And I have shared with you how weight loss isn’t easy. But here are 3 things that rarely get brought up during a weight loss discussion.

Weight Loss is Not a Game

I used to lose two pounds a week. Want to know what my secret was? I cheated. I found a way to “game the system.” I would indulge in a week of terrible eating, and then cut my intake in half, so that by the time I got to weighing myself I had stopped eating altogether. I had tricked myself into believing that bad behaviors wouldn’t always result in weight gain. This method of losing weight seemed easy, and I got cocky.

Bottom line: losing weight is not a game. If you treat it as such, you are setting yourself up for failure. In the end, the old adage is true, the house always wins.

There’s No Easy Fix, No “One Size Fits All” Approach

There is a reason why the diet industry is a billion dollar industry. People are desperate to believe that a pill, or cleanse, or fad diet will miraculously cause the pounds to fall off. Everyone wants instant gratification, instant results. No one wants to put forth the effort to tackle weight loss in a safe, healthy, and ultimately empowering way.

I know what “the right way” is for me. I know that eating natural foods instead of processed foods is the key to my longevity. It might not be for you. Maybe you can have a cheat day. Maybe portion control is the way to success for you. Maybe tracking everything is how you lose weight.

Don’t Let the Scale Control You

I learned that scales don’t lie (but they don’t always tell the whole truth). Did you know that a pound of salad weighs as much as a pound of cake? The only difference is how your body processes it.

I see so many people get frustrated with the scale. I see people who make good decisions and then quit because they gained .4 pounds the next day. Don’t get frustrated. In the end, your hard work will eventually pay off. You are more than a number.

In the end, all we can do is make the best decisions possible. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect. But, we still have to try. Because, if we don’t try, then we’re cheating ourselves.

So join me and stop gambling with your life.

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Tony Posnanski is a renowned blogger, chef, and Anytime Fitness member. Tony was once 400 pounds but has lost 200 pounds. He writes about weight loss, fitness, motivation and more on his blog The Anti Jared.