10 Popular Celebrity Workouts You Should Try Today

I’ll admit, I am a bit of a celeb stalker (at least online). They all seem to get fitness. Obviously, one look at them and you know “they get it.” Plus, you can’t deny some of the best bodies live in Hollywood. Today we will take a look at some of the best celebrities workouts. Are you ready to sweat?

Miranda Kerr Killer Ab Workout

Get abs like an angel with this intense core circuit. We know those angels wouldn’t be able to walk the runway without a killer bod but as a Victoria Secret model, Miranda has to be able to walk confidently in her skivvies!

Run Like Jennifer Lawrence

America’s new sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t mind going to the gym. We don’t mind, either. She is down to earth and completely cool, even after that spill at the Oscars. Plus she isn’t afraid to get sweaty. Can you say awesome? Here are the three exercise drills she used to learn to run like Katniss in The Hunger Games.

Justin Timberlake’s Arm Workout

Returning to the music scene after focusing solely on acting, Justin Timberlake is hotter than ever. He stays healthy because he realizes that it’s important to break a sweat every day. We agree with you Justin! Give his arm workout a try!

Channing Tatum Full Body Workout

People’s 2012 hottest man alive, Channing Tatum works hard to maintain his smokin’ bod which we saw a lot of in Magic Mike. Don’t worry, guys, you too can get ripped like Channing with his full body workout!

Emma Stone’s Favorite Workouts

While we love Emma Stone for her acting in movies such as Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Help, we also love her take on working out. She IS NOT a fan of fad diets and enjoys rock climbing, Pilates, and walking. Try this Pilates workout next time you want to work out.

Bodyweight Workout with Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson shows us that celebrities lose weight just like we do! Jennifer’s workout tips have been shared online ever since she debuted a size 6 down from a size 16. What a transformation. Use these bodyweight exercises to tone up like Hudson.

Chris Hemsworth Thor Workout

Challenge yourself with this workout inspired by Thor. Exercises are appropriately named: Sledgehammer Slam, Mountain Climber, and T-Pushup. Never underestimate the power of the gods.

Gerard Butler and The 300 Workout

Get in shape by summer with this epic workout. Yes, it’s intense but it’s going to be worth it while you strut your stuff in summer gear. The 300 Workout has been around for a while but it never goes away because of the results it produces.

Get Long, Lean Legs Like Anne Hathaway

It’s hard not to get jealous of Anne Hathaway’s long lean body. After having to lose 25 pounds for her Les Miserables role, she is back to her perfect self. Try adding some barre work to your routine to lengthen and tighten in all the right areas.

Get a Booty like Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has a ton to be thankful for but it didn’t come without hard work! Including her awesome bod! Tone your butt, like Jen, with these 6 awesome exercises.

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