How to Add a Custom Food to Your Diet Tracker

I love to make banana bread. It’s one of the best ways to use up those “too ripe to eat” bananas. Plus it’s delicious with my morning cup of joe! However, my specific banana bread is not in the Anytime Health Diet Tracker. And if I had to bet, I would guess that your recipe is not in there either. So let’s learn how to add it in, shall we?

Before You Begin: How to find nutrition info for custom foods

If you want to add a food from a recipe, you’ll first want to figure out its nutritional value. You can do this by using an online recipe calculator. Enter in everything from your recipe to get the values.

If you’re entering store-bought food, check the nutrition label for the stats. For restaurant items that aren’t in the Diet Tracker, ask if nutritional info is available, or find an equivalent food that will provide the stats you need.

Step One: Enter custom food name and nutritional stats

Login to your AH account and go to the Diet Tracker. Click “add food,” and then “create food” to enter the nutritional info.

Step Two: Click CREATE FOOD

Now that you’ve entered all the necessary stats, click “create food” to save your custom food.

Step Three: Choose time and quantity of serving

You’ll now see your custom food in the Diet Tracker! Click on it to enter the appropriate meal time and quantity of servings. Click “add food” to complete the process.

Step Four: Eat right and save time

Congrats, you’ve just taken the guesswork out of healthy eating! Now, every time you eat the custom food, it will be there for you in the Diet Tracker under “my foods.” You can always review the food stats by hovering your mouse over the nutrition label icon next to servings.

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