The Man in the Mirror Didn’t Care

I think I give people the wrong idea.

I always talk about how hard it was to put on a seat belt and wipe my butt when I was obese.

I talk about how I would get ridiculed by people and how hard it was to purchase clothes that fit me.

Yet those instances weren’t what motivated me to lose weight. Not at all.

The hardest part about being obese is that I never appreciated the great life I had.

I always short-changed myself.

Appreciation was never around

I never appreciated my wonderful wife or great family. I never thought about the friends that cared about me or the job that pushed me to be my best.

I never appreciated that McDonald’s had a healthy menu if I wanted it, or that most restaurant booths are made for people up to 300 pounds. I never appreciated that Wal-Mart carried pants that were size 52. And I never appreciated that I merely needed to email Anytime Fitness and they would have given me a membership just to see me lose weight.

Because people around me always cared. The man in the mirror did not.

Why would I? I was 420 pounds. I wore a size 60 pants. None of that applied to me. None of that catered to me.

I made my Hell.

Playing the blame game

I never blamed myself for all the food that I ate. I blamed restaurants. I never blamed myself for the poor choices I made. I blamed others.

It was society’s fault.

Once I started to lose the weight, things started to make sense.

I truly appreciated the beauty of my wife for always being there for me. My job got better. McDonald’s was not Satan. Airlines did not hate me. Booths were better than tables.

You know, I really do not know you. Maybe you have a blog that I have not read or you comment on here from time to time, but I do not know much about you.

I do not know your journey. Or do I? I do not know how you grew up. Or do I?

I do not know if you are strong or weak. I do not know how much of your heart is in this journey, and I am not going to lose sleep thinking about it either.

But I also think I short-change myself a lot.

Advice you probably haven’t heard

  1. Society is not to blame for your weight gain.
  2. Gaining weight one week is not a lifetime failure.
  3. Your life is better than you think.
  4. There are always people who are heavier than you are.
  5. There are always people who are lighter than you are.
  6. The meanest people are the same ones that will hug you when you succeed.
  7. Saying NO is sexy.
  8. There is no such thing as a limited time food. The McRib has been around for years, and chocolate will always be there to comfort you.
  9. After losing weight, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and be happy.
  10. You have to want it.

I forgot number 11…Do not short-change yourself. Refer to number 3.

Photo credit: Mauro Luna

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Tony Posnanski is a renowned blogger, chef, and Anytime Fitness member. Tony was once 400 pounds but has lost 200 pounds. He writes about weight loss, fitness, motivation and more on his blog The Anti Jared.