Tough Love: 5 Partner Exercises To Get Toned This Valentine’s Day

Happy V-Day! Are you ready to challenge your partner today? Your goal is not just to kick your own butt, but your partners, as well! So be prepared to face them at every stop along the way. I find it helps when doing a partner workout to focus on making things as tough as possible for the person in front of you which lets you get done what you need to do. Let’s do this!

The Goal: is to do the allotted number of reps per station 6 times through. The only break you get is after 3 rounds. Rest for 60 seconds, then get after it!

Necessary equipment:

  • “No bounce” ball or medicine ball
  • 4 Dumbbells (2 per person)
  • BOSU (per person)
  • 5-10 lb medicine ball (just one)

1. Squat Ball Drops – 15 drops each

Face your partner in a wide stance squat position a little more than arm length apart. Simply pick up the weighted “no bounce” or medicine ball, raise it to eye height, and drop it! As soon as your partner drops the ball, squat down and pick it up! Find a sweet rhythm and keep your partner moving!

2. Straight Arm Plank Hand Slaps – 40 hand slaps

Find a clear piece of floor real estate and line up facing your partner about an arm-and-a-half’s length apart. Next, get in a push-up position with your feet shoulder width apart. Lastly, you each are going to reach out and slap each other’s hand, Alternating each hand you slap with. If it gets to be too much on your back, putting your knees down is perfectly fine.

3. Squat-to-shoulder presses – 20 reps each

Simply hold your dumbbells at shoulder height (palms facing each other) with your feet shoulder width apart, and squat! As you come up, shoulder press your dumbbells with full extension. Once your arms come back down, repeat! You do one, then your partner does one! And keep them going!

4. BOSU Frog Jumps – 15 jumps each

Square your BOSUs up against one another (blue side down) and get in a push-up position. Now the fun starts! With both feet, jump forward, then jump back again! That’s one rep. Essentially, you’re doing a half burpee. You do one, then your partner does one! Seeing a pattern?

5. V-sit Backwards Passbacks – 15 passes each

Line up side by side at the shoulder, one arm length apart, with each of you facing opposite directions. Get into a v-sit position (feet off the floor optional) and decide who starts with the medicine ball. With your arms fully extended, raise the medicine ball up and over to your partners awaiting hands! Bring your arms down then right back up ready to take the ball back from your partner, ultimately playing a sweaty game of pass back! After each round, alternate which side you’re on so you work both sides effectively.

When the workout is over I hope you and yours can enjoy a candlelit fruit smoothie or protein shake as you stare into each other’s just-got-done-working-out glazed over eyes.

Or, you know… whatever it is you do when you’re done working out.

Hopefully cupid’s arrow pierced your heart, sped it up, and left it flexing with the best Valentine’s gift you can give: Love for yourself.

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Josh is a massive weight loser. A journey that started when he was very young and battling depression, eating disorders, and bullies. His life’s mission is to always have an arm outstretched to those who are looking for a helping hand. He leads with the most important tools he has: heart and soul.