Year After Year I Gave Up on My Fitness Goals

The Starting Line

It’s was the end of September in 2011. I sat in a crowded room, wearing a size 60-suit coat, dress pants with a 58-inch waste. I sat around my peers, who had all made fitness a priority. Together, we listened to stories of others’ successes. I thought to myself, why not me?

I made this commitment to myself in 2010, 2009 and even in 2008. Fail, fail and fail again. It was disheartening. You see, when you come from a family that celebrates, punishes with, and completely revolves around food, it’s hard to break the cycle.

The Change

After I made the commitment to get my life back, I returned home from that crowded room mentioned above. My wife was pregnant. As we celebrated the good news, I caught my reflection. I was angry about the way I looked. At that moment, I had more determination than ever. I would not continue to be the dad on the sideline; I would be the dad that was involved and physically outlasting everyone else. I would meet my goals!

The Process

I found out that this process is tough. I had to make drastic changes. It is so much more difficult than teaching and coaching the proper nutrition and activity out of the gate. But the greatest benefit (I never expected) is the ability to make changes in my children’s lives before they have the chance to lose their way.

What to expect: The physical and mental change you go through are the BEST. Both are for the better! I was pretty surprised at how quickly positive habits become part of your daily life.

Let’s Hit the Road

Over the next year, I want to share my story: what I did, who was involved, wins, losses, some funny, and some sad. Truth is, none of us will ever be done with our fitness journey, and it’s about constant evolution and working to always get better. What can I do better today to show everyone around and myself that I learned something from yesterday? Hopefully we can help each other to plan and reach our individual golas. But believe me; this is helping me as much as anyone else. Accountability is key.

We are going to create a fitness roadmap. A start to finish, plan of action including pit stops to make sure we can enjoy the scenery life has in store for us. My question for you is: What is your destination, where would you like to get to? What would you like to work on?

Start the Conversation

What are you waiting for? Let’s start talking now and continue to work together on this. I started a thread under General Discussion, in the Community section called, “Where are YOU going to go?” Join in the conversation!

What is holding you back from starting your fitness journey?

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