14 Health-Savvy Tools To Help Ease Your Busy Life

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We’re all busy. Whether you’re working 8+ hour shifts, or are trying to get your kids to all their activities, there are days where finding time for healthy eating and exercise aren’t going to happen. So we’ve pulled together 14 awesome tools to help ensure your health never takes a backseat. Are you ready?

1. Get out of your chair with FitBolt

Sitting all day has been proven to cause a ton of different health issues. Which is why this Chrome extension should be in the every office worker’s arsenal. Once installed, FitBolt will remind you to get up every 30 minutes. And it goes one step further by giving you an exercise to complete!

2. Make good habits stick with Chains

We can all use a little help with maintaining good habits. Chains helps you do it, one day at a time. With this tool, you set the habits you want to keep (ex: go to gym) via their site or mobile app, and you’ll get a little reminder to do it. Each time you complete a task, you add a link to your chain. And as it gets longer, you’ll be motivated to keep the chain from breaking. It really helps start and create good quality habits!

3. Make a date with fitness on Google Calendar

A personal favorite of the Anytime Health team, Google Calendar offers a place to schedule workouts. My trick is to spend Sunday night planning out workouts for the week. This is wonderful because you can share your calendar with family, friends, or the public adding a layer of accountability. Try doing it today!

4. Get visual inspiration from Pinterest

Pinterest has taken the world by a storm, partly because it’s really useful. Use it to pin images from anywhere on the web onto a virtual board. Think of it like your online bulletin board that holds whatever you want. We love to use it to find workouts and motivation. You can also access Pinterest from your phone so you can always find a new workout on-the-go!

5. Become a runner with the Couch to 5K app

If you’re a beginner runner, we highly recommend a Couch to 5k program! It’s a great way to slowly introduce your body to the art of running. Listen to your favorite music on your smartphone while you work out, and listen for app’s convenient audio alerts through your headset. Just press “start,” put your device in your pocket, and you’re ready to run!

6. Get more done with Taskk

Your time is limited and you have too many to-dos on your checklist. Taskk makes your days more efficient through your prioritization, time estimates and your available work hours. From work to personal life, you can use Taskk to put all of your to-dos in an easy-to-view list. That way you’re not trying to take on too much in one day.

7. Increase your success rate with Twitter

A recent study showed that Twitter can help people lose weight. Those who regularly used Twitter as part of a mobile weight loss program lost more weight. So what are you waiting for? Hop on Twitter, sign up, and follow @AnytimeFitness for useful tips, tricks, and more!

8. Get a Heart Rate Monitor

If you’re a numbers geek or just a stickler for accuracy, a heart rate monitor is a must-have for measuring the calorie burn of your workouts. It gives you a balanced way to measure and compare your recent workouts, no matter what kind activity you’re doing, in the gym or on the trails. You can even use it to measure your calories burnt during normal household chores!

9. Shop like a doc with Dr. Oz’s Grocery Shopping List

Wouldn’t it be awesome if every doctor gave you their own grocery shopping list? Dr. Oz does just that with his “must-haves” recommendations for your grocery cart. On this list you’ll find staples such as, eggs, whole wheat flour, and bananas. But also mixed in the list are nutrient filled: quinoa, tea, and mustard. Print this out and bring with you on your next shopping trip!

10. Give yourself some focus with Focus Booster App

Have you ever gone over to Facebook for a quick news feed check, only to find that 45 minutes have passed reading status updates and liking kitten pictures? You have way too much to do let hat happen. Enter the Focus Booster app! This app will run on your computer whenever you want it to and tell you when it’s time to be done on a certain task or to focus more on something else. It’s quick to start up and works efficiently in the background without consuming computer resources, or your focus.

11. Put your plan on paper with this free Healthy Living Printable

If you’re like Lee, you have to write something down to really remember it. This perfect, free healthy living printable has your week at a glance on it. You can write out your events/appointments, to-dos, daily workout, daily foods, and daily water. Take Sunday or Monday to write out what’s happening this week, and remember to plan out some meals!

12. Store notes and ideas anywhere with Evernote

Do you often have brilliant ideas, and lose them 10 minutes later because you forgot to write them down? We have all been there. Evernote allows you to store notes and ideas in the cloud for free. Driving and you think of an idea? Use the audio recorder to save it without having to type! Evernote has saved many ideas from being left in the netherworld!

13. Wake up smarter with Sleep Cycle

How many times did you hit snooze this morning? If you’re laying in bed for more than 15 minutes after first hitting snooze, you should check out the Sleep Cycle app. This app is a bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you’re in the lightest sleep phase. Today’s snooze could be your last!

14. Anytime Health

Of course, at Anytime Health, we love our tools and trackers. You have your Facebook for friends, your favorite news sources for current events, and you need something to track your health too. Anytime Health is a comprehensive tracking tool, with a food journal, workout planner, and activity tracker, and more. You can ask health and wellness questions in our Q&A or connect with other like-minded individuals in our Support Group. And you can stay informed right here with workout ideas, recipes, news, tips, and a little inspiration to stay healthy. Your doctor would be very impressed!

What one (or two) tools from this list are you going to start using/doing today?

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