15 Surefire Ways to Get Motivated to Work Out

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Are you having troubles finding the motivation needed to workout? Hey, I have been there. So, don’t worry. I have 15 established ways to get you to the gym…let’s do this!

It’s cold outside and dark. The bed feels so warm and cozy. Uh oh, the alarm clock is going off, you reach over to hit the snooze button. Stop! Don’t do it!

We all have had those days where mustering up the motivation to workout or go for a run seems like too much work. And, as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, it’s even harder to motivate yourself to exercise. But, we all know we have to do it to be healthy, stay on track with our weight management, and feel great. So, here are 15 great ways to motivate yourself to exercise, especially during the colder months.

Make yourself a new workout playlist.

I always notice how much I get excited to go running after I’ve created a new playlist. Get on Spotify, SoundCloud, Rdio, or iTunes and create some playlists to get you in the mood.

Buy yourself some new workout clothes.

New workout duds are always a great way to motivate yourself to exercise. Looking good while you work out translates into feeling good. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. Just having something new to look forward to wearing is enough to spark renewed excitement.

Sign up for an event/race (5K/10K, triathlons, etc).

Having an event or goal to shoot for gives you extra motivation to get out there. Better yet, sign up for one where you train and raise money for a great charity, like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. It will help you train for a goal, meet people, and you’ll be giving to a great cause.

Set out your workout clothes the night before and put them on first thing in the morning.

It’s hard to justify not working out when you’re already wearing your gear.

Program the alarm in your smartphone.

I like the alarm in my iPhone better than my alarm clock. I set it for 2 different times to make sure I get up. Even better, put your alarm/phone next to your workout clothes and away from your bed…once you’re up and turning off your alarm, what do you know, your workout clothes are right there.

Get a workout buddy.

Find a friend or a coworker to sweat with. Whether it’s a run or brisk walk during lunch or an early morning class or post-work sweat session, having a friend or partner will help you on those days where you’re feeling less motivated to work out. Plus, you’ll feel more guilty canceling, especially if it’s last minute.

Get a fitness device like the FitBit or Nike+ FuelBand.

They’ll get your competitive juices flowing as you push yourself to log in more steps/miles.

Think about how much better you’ll feel after you’re done.

…or how much worse you’ll feel throughout the day if you don’t.

Use your Anytime Health resource.

For many people, this helps them stay motivated and on track. Download the Anytime Health app for your smartphone to log your workouts on-the-go. Many people blog to hold themselves accountable to working out. Give it a try.

Download new apps on your smartphone to give you some new ideas to spice up your workout.

Skimble, Runkeeper, Motion Traxx Radio, BeatBurn Treadmill/Outdoor Trainer are great apps to motivate yourself to exercise.

Hire a trainer.

You may just need a personal trainer and an appointment in your calendar to get your rear to the gym. Trainers help create unique workouts, improve form, and can help you reach your fitness goals!

Buy a fitness magazine.

Reading magazines with bright colors and fit people always gets me motivated. It always gets me to eat healthier and work out harder.

Get on the scale daily.

I find that the number on the scale motivates me to work out regularly. Whether I see a number that I like or a number that I don’t like, seeing that number makes me want to work out.

Take pictures of yourself regularly.

Having a before picture and being able to see your results along the way is a great motivator.

Reward yourself.

Give yourself a healthy reward for reaching a goal. Buy yourself that cute new top or that new pair of Nike trainers for hitting that goal. Whatever works for you to celebrate your healthy lifestyle. Do it!

What are some of your motivators to get to the gym?

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