10 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Haven’t Stuck


By: Nancy Soni

Welcome to the New Year! Are you as excited as I am? Last week, I taught you the skills needed to create a solid resolution and the Anytime Health team created a worksheet that you can use to make your resolution a reality. But based on statistics, almost 50% of people will have abandoned or forgotten about their resolution by the end of the first week! In a few more weeks, half of the rest will have forgotten about their goals.

So, what are some reasons why those resolutions haven’t stuck?

Your goal was not specific

For instance, how do you measure “get more fit” or “get healthier?” If you want to lose weight, how are you calculating the weight loss? Pounds, dress/pant size, body fat percentage, inches? To hit a goal, you have to have a tangible goal first.

You were too “busy”

Everyone is “too busy” these days, whether they are a stay-at-home mom or an executive of a huge corporation. Success comes when you orchestrate your life to accommodate what’s important. They make it a priority to eat well and find ways to do so. We’re always going to be busy. It’s efficient lifestyle design that helps us achieve our daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Inefficient lifestyle design is what prevents most people from attaining those goals.

You didn’t have a plan

A resolution is a goal and to assure that you attain any goal, you have to have a plan, which requires daily structure. Want to lose weight? What are you going to do differently? What are the potential obstacles that might come up and how do you deal with them? Make sure you know what you’re going to do in these situations.

You didn’t have a solid reason for achieving your goal/resolution

So, you want to lose weight. Why? To be healthier, fit into those skinny jeans, look better for a reunion, look good in a bikini for an upcoming vacation, or to lower your risk of diabetes? Whatever the reason might be, you need to have one that is compelling enough for you to change your habits. Other people’s reasons won’t necessarily work for YOU!

You’re afraid to attain that resolution/goal

What would life look like with 50 fewer pounds or six-pack abs? What would it feel like to have normal blood pressure and cholesterol? What would it feel like to actually be able to fit into a size 8? What do you do with the extra time not spent smoking? Believe it or not, some people are actually afraid of how their goals might change their life.

It’s the fear that sabotages them. Often though, it’s not the fear of attaining the goal, but the fear of dealing with the issues that underlie the problem. Why do we overeat, why do we smoke, why don’t we exercise? Often, the underlying issue is the heart of the problem. Dealing with the issue first will make sticking to a plan much easier.

You didn’t plan for life’s setbacks

Let’s be honest. No one is perfect. Even the most dedicated gym buff or health food enthusiast has those days where they fall off the wagon and cheat, get sick or injured, or just purely lack motivation. It’s okay…we’re human. But, it’s the people who have a plan for these occasions that succeed and get back on the wagon quickly. Don’t feel motivated to work out? How about just lifting some light weights or doing a yoga for 30 minutes or just going for a walk.

You didn’t have a support system

So, you want to lose 10 pounds. Who knows about it and how can they help you reach that goal? Friends and family are important, especially when you’re trying to make lifestyle changes. Having a strong support system can make all the difference. Depending on the nature of the relationship, your daily support system can either raise you up to help you achieve your goal or derail you, making it almost impossible for you to attain that goal. Do you go out to lunch daily with people from work? If so, they need to know about your weight loss goals so they can help choose healthier places to eat. Better yet? Trying to achieve a goal together as a group can be even more effective than going it alone.

You weren’t held accountable for your goals

If we were held accountable to losing weight or exercising as we are to deadlines at work, we’d have a much healthier and thinner population. The fact is that we often don’t hold ourselves accountable. Well, what if your boss held you accountable for these goals? What if your job depended on it? Your health and happiness do depend on it. So, why not hold yourself accountable? Why not ask a friend or family member to act like your boss in this area and have them hold you accountable to attaining your daily and weekly milestones?

The goal just wasn’t important enough

If we keep making the same resolution each year, it must be important. We just tell ourselves that it’s not important to let ourselves off the hook. What could be more important than your health? You only get one body to live your entire life in. Take care of it and it will take care of you.


Let’s just be honest. Laziness affects us all to some degree and it’s up to us to recognize it and do something about it. Get out there! Change your life and your health.

You may have failed in the past, but there is nothing stoping you today. It’s your turn to win! Decide what to be, and go be it.

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