The Fitness Fanatics Holiday Gift Guide 2012

If your family or friend enjoys spending time working out, then you have come to the right guide. Fitness fanatics and gym rats alike don’t need much to get their workout done, but these gifts will make their workouts ten times more fun and effective.

9 Gifts for Fitness Fanatics - pictured

    1. Bose In Ear Headphones – $89
    2. Women’s AF Flowy Tank – $28
    3. Personal Training session – varies from club to club
    4. Fitbit – $99
    5. Headband – $14
    6. Belkin iPhone Armband – $20
    7. Cap Kettlebell – $22.50
    8. Men’s AF Gym Shorts – $22
    9. Contigo Water Bottle – $15

What other gift ideas would be good for a Fitness Fanatic?

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