Is Your Energy Bank in the Red?

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Each of us has an energy bank account — a personal fund from which we make deposits and withdrawals. To increase your energy level, it’s important to make the following deposits daily: breathing, eating, sleeping, learning, working, exercising, and relationships.

If you start to excessively withdraw from these deposits, your energy level will become depleted, and may be replaced with depression, insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems, and signs of aging.

In other words, your personal bank account will be in the red! This is an unstable position to be in, one in which you will become physically, mentally, and emotionally spent.

So, how do you keep a balanced energy bank account?

Let’s first discuss what not to do: don’t give in to the “21-Day Turn-A-Round,” or the “30 Day Cleanse” approaches to replenishing your essential energy savings account.

You can’t supplement your way out of poor lifestyle choices.

Dr. Frank Lipman states:

“Remember, supplements won’t make up for a bad diet. As the term suggests, supplements are supplements—not replacements for-food. Always eat a good diet with loads of colorful, phytonutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and good-quality protein. Use supplements to supplement the nutrients you just can’t seem to get in your diet.”

Additional tips for maintaining healthy “deposits”

    • Walk—it’s the easiest exercise there is! It can lower your cholesterol and blood pressure levels, reduce your risk of diabetes, help to manage/lose weight, and improve your mood.
    • Stay away from sugar! It lowers your immunity, and robs your body of the essential minerals it needs, among other things!
    • Relax, take a breath. Carve out a few minutes in your day to breathe full inhales and exhales to slow down your nervous system. Repeat at night before you go to bed, and it will help you sleep.
    • Talk with a trainer at the gym and get a proper assessment for an exercise program that fits your unique needs and capabilities.
    • Practice optimism. Martin Seligman, Ph.D., author of “Flourish” notes “…being in the upper quartile of optimism seems to have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular risk roughly equivalent to not smoking two packs of cigarettes daily.”

Being healthy is all about checks and balances. It’s critical that you provide a deposit for every withdrawl you make – it’s the only way to restore and revive your energy levels!

What are some things that drain your energy?

What “deposits” have worked to combat them?

Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D. Chief Behavioral Scientist, Anytime Fitness

Photo credit: net_efekt

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