How to Dominate in the Gym with a Workout Partner

Two women in a park, holding up a large tire

Flossing on a regular basis is hard enough for most people, let alone making it to the gym regularly. However, imagine if you had a buddy that waited for you in the bathroom every morning, eyeing your floss and simultaneously yelling “one more tooth baby!! FINISH STRONG!” This same friend who, upon the days you don’t show up, would be quick to express his disappointment and how he needed you the day you didn’t make it because he didn’t much feel like flossing that day either. Something tells me you’d be a lot more likely to floss the way you should be flossing!

Unfortunately, that scenario doesn’t play out in the real world very well when it comes to flossing, yet it DOES work exceptionally in the gym department!

To help out, I’ve got a few partner exercises I challenge you to try, with a few helpful “partner tips” to aid in you getting the results people don’t get by doing the work people don’t do.

Partner tip #1: Find a Partner

It always helps to have a friend or two to schedule regular workouts with, or at least put on speed dial when motivation is waning. It makes something that can suck, fun! Better yet, it helps you both keep each other accountable! It’s easy to let yourself down but letting friends down is way harder!

If you don’t have anybody along those lines, I highly suggest stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media tool to find people with similar interests! Start engaging in conversations with some of the more vocal members of your gym (they always tend to help break the ice). Trust me, we’re out there.

Exercise: Partner Push-Ups

Two woman, facing each other, performing pushups

Line up across from your partner and get in push-up position. Take your music player so you have a timer. The goal here is simple… motivate your partner through your own butt kicking! One of you does a push-up, then your partner IMMEDIATELY does a push-up. Then you go. Then they go. Then you g… ah, you get it! The goal is to go the ENTIRE song. Have fun!

Partner Tip #2: Keep the ball rolling

We all know what it’s like to get swept up in conversation, get all caught up with the Joneses, then before you know it you’ve only done 10 minutes of your “Thighmaster Deluxe” workout plan before it’s time to head out the door!

If you take only one thing away from this, I want it to be this… The responsibility is on YOU. Don’t depend on your friend to keep it going. Be the one to say “chop chop, let’s go!” Make sure your jaw isn’t the part of your body that gets the best workout!

Exercise: Shovel Crunches

Two women performing the shovel crunch

We don’t all have a shovel to grab so a body bar or medicine ball work just as well. Simply stand on your partners feet and be ready to grab the shovel (or whatever you use) when they crunch up and hand it to you! Your partner will go back to start, then crunch back up and grab the shovel again! Repeat. Do a set of 20 reps, then immediately switch with your partner until you both have done it 3-5 times each. Dig deep!

Partner Tip #3: Provide Positive Encouragement

We all know what it feels like to have a bad day. Well I’ve got a saying. Plant a positive seed, you get a positive flower. Keep your head high and perspective positive, because without it, you make it just another chore you have to do rather than a good, healthy time to be had!

Exercise: BOSU Hot Potato

Woman sitting in a bosu ball, doing an oblique twist while holding a medicine ball

Sit yourself down on your Bosu with heels touching the floor as you lean back slightly across from your partner. Your partner, however, is on solid ground! Now comes the fun part! They then toss the ball to you every which way, making you have to catch it while staying in position. The real catch: If you lift a foot or fall off balance in any way… your partner earns a point. Hit it hard for 90 seconds, then switch!

What is one of your favorite partner exercises?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Josh is a massive weight loser. A journey that started when he was very young and battling depression, eating disorders, and bullies. His life’s mission is to always have an arm outstretched to those who are looking for a helping hand. He leads with the most important tools he has: heart and soul.