The Black Friday Survival Workout

Black Friday Workout Anytime Fitness

Every year, it feels like the Holidays are here sooner. This year is no exception. We started seeing decorations in Target, Holiday music on the radio, and Black Friday deals right after Halloween. We are here to make sure you’re prepared. This workout will get you ready to take on the stores, shoppers, and sales with ease!

First, we must agree that Black Friday shopping has been dangerous in the past. So, please no pushing or shoving. It’s just not nice! The main goal of this workout is to increase your stability and strength, so you’ll notice agility exercises ensure your quickness come Black Friday!”

Enough talk! Where’s da workout at?

Black Friday Survival Workout

Black friday workout

Warm Up

  • 10-minutes on treadmill or elliptical


Cool Down: 5-minute stretching

There are many stretches you can do post workout. And remember stay hydrated during your shopping excursions.

What is your favorite part of Black Friday shopping?


Photo credit: Michael Holden

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