Do You Suffer from the Eeyore Syndrome?

woman sitting woefully on the couch, looking out the window

Do you ever find yourself espousing a “woe is me” mentality? If so, you may be channeling the aura of one of Winnie-the-Pooh’s most famous friends, Eeyore — the sad, grey donkey who had a chronic case of the blues. With his head hung low, a rain cloud followed him everywhere he went. But, what Eeyore failed to realize is that many of his troubles were self-inflicted and caused by a lack of self-esteem.

Alan Cohen, author of “Why Your Life Sucks: And What You Can Do About It,” has a message tailor-made for all the Eeyores out there:

Your life is not what the stars, numbers, genetics, environment, politics or economic conditions make it; it is what YOU make it. External variables influence, but internal variables determine.

In other words, how you respond to life’s challenges determines how miserable or happy you will be. Attitude is king!

Cohen presents a list of reasons of why you may feel as if your life “sucks.” Do you identify with any of these?

    1. You give your power away
    2. You expect it to suck
    3. You get fooled by appearances
    4. You waste energy on things that suck
    5. You keep trying to prove yourself
    6. You say “yes” when you mean “no”
    7. You think you have to do it all yourself
    8. You try to fix other people
    9. You starve your soul
    10. You forgot to enjoy the ride

Pessimistic thoughts, playing the blame game, and setting low expectations for yourself will drain the inertia from your life — and have the power to create an ongoing dialogue in your head that screams, “my life sucks!”

This defeatist attitude deprives you of reaching your full potential, and becoming the person you were meant to be. If you only view yourself as a small goldfish in a small fish bowl, that’s what you’ll be. But, if you have the confidence to swim out into a larger pond, you’ll go grow larger – expanding your life in ways you could never have imagined.

Becoming a growth-minded person involves:

    • Reaffirming your positive thoughts
    • Making measurable goals
    • Taking pride in your accomplishments (no matter how small)
    • Nurturing the healthy relationships that provide you with support

These are the surest ways to securing your happiness and guarding against a life that “sucks.

Edited by: Tara Dosh

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