32 Foods to Help Grow Your Mustache

batman with a mustache

Tom Selleck. Burt Reynolds. Wilford Brimley. What do these gentlemen have in common? They all have magnificent mustaches that will take your breath away.

This month marks the 8th year of Movember. If you’re not familiar with Movember, it is a month dedicated to the education and awareness of men’s health issues. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas work hard to raise money for research and prevention of disease, such as prostate cancer. Mo Bros start off the month with a clean-shaven slate. As the month progresses, they are to leave their manly whisker-art untouched until the last day of November.

Some men seem to have an infinite wealth of facial hair. Others have a little harder time channeling their inner Ron Swanson. We love men all the same, but, if you’re looking to fill out that man coat on your face, some foods have been speculated to help!

Protein-rich foods

Hair is primarily made up of protein, so it makes sense that you’d want to take in protein rich foods! Eggs, lean meats (pork, beef, poultry, and lamb), and dairy are notorious for packing a protein punch. Vegetarian options include beans, lentils, soy, and tofu. If you find you’re having a hard time taking down that extra serving of “turf n’ turf,” try a low-fat protein supplement.

B Vitamins

Foods rich in B vitamins (e.g. Biotin, Pyridoxine) have been said to possibly promote hair growth. Luckily, these vitamins are found in those same protein-rich foods mentioned above. Other foods that contain these vitamins include brown rice, mushrooms, spinach, nuts (especially almonds and walnuts), and bananas.

Vitamin C

This vitamin plays a huge role in repair and maintenance of body tissues. For that reason, this one’s a key player in hair growth. Fruits and veggies will be your main source for this vitamin. Citrus fruits (e.g. oranges, grapefruit) and berries are high in vitamin C, as are broccoli, peppers, and potatoes. Not only will this vitamin help you sculpt the ultimate Al Borland face fur, it also helps fight off colds. That’s a pretty good deal for the upcoming winter months.

Vitamin E

We often hear how having a diet rich in healthy fats can help our skin and hair. This is where Vitamin E comes into play. Similar to Vitamin C, this vitamin is also an antioxidant, and helps prevent tissues from breaking down. Vitamin E is fat soluble, and is found in foods such as wheat germ, avocados, vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, eggs, and even leafy greens.


This is a pre-vitamin that is found in plants. It’s the pigment that gives some veggies their red/orange color (think carrots and tomatoes). Beta-carotene is converted to Vitamin A in the body, which is notably important for skin and eye health. Because Vitamin A is also fat soluble, you often hear about Vitamin E and Beta-carotene in conjunction with one another. As previously mentioned, brightly colored fruits and vegetables are high in Beta-carotene. Carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and (again) leafy greens are good sources.

At this point, it’s pretty obvious that there are many nutrients that play a role in hair growth. After all, hair and nail growth has been said to be a pretty good indicator of health status. Proper hydration, adequate sleep and exercise, and having a low-stress environment are variables that also promote health, and thusly, a thick, luscious, man-face.

Happy growing, sirs.

photo credit: Rosaura Ochoa

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