Five Meals You Should Never Eat

Ahhhh, Halloween is here!! You know what that means. Kids dressed as princesses and pirates. Guys dressed as Bill Clinton and the Captain Morgan Man. Women dressed as a “naughty (fill in the blank)”.

But for most of us, Halloween is about candy. Where we either go trick or treating, sneak some from our kids, buy tons of candy and then have one person come over only to have so much left for us. It’s when “fun size” chocolate turns into “king size” after eating all of it.

It happens!

And it probably will happen this year. We might be able to limit ourselves, we might be able to eat an apple without caramel on it. Or we might eat a ton of candy on October 31st.

But I do not want you to feel bad about it.

So to make you feel better, I am going to “scare you” by telling you the five worst meals I have ever had. Put the kids to bed, it is going to get scary!

To-Go Chinese

Six pounds of it. That is right. I went to a Chinese buffet, and I did not want people to see me eat, so I got it to-go. I ended up with 6 pounds of food, and I finished it in one hour. It cost me $26.53. I remember exactly because it was $4.40 a pound, or around there. And no, it was not all vegetables.

Deep Fried NY Strip

When I worked at restaurant as a chef, I learned a valuable lesson for a overweight person. The lesson is stay away from the tempura batter. The tempura batter is the batter for the famous making chicken, beef and pork the most unhealthy food ever! I found out that if you dip anything in it, and deep fry it, it comes out delicious. So, I took a 12oz steak, and deep fried it. It was good at the time.

The “Apple Ranch Chicken Burger”

Before I talk about this, I have something to admit which I did not want to in this blog. For about two years, I lived in Buffalo, NY: If you have not lived or been to Buffalo, I will save you a lot of money and time. Put mud on your face, go into a freezer, lock the door, turn off the lights, and cry. There you go, it’s Buffalo!!

Anyway, I worked at Applebee’s in Buffalo,and this was before they had a WW menu. I invented a new snack there. I took a 1/2 pound burger, and combined it with a fried chicken breast. Then I basted it with BBQ sauce and wing sauce, and put it on a egg bun. Pretty tasty.

Deep Fried Pizza

Maybe I would not have been so heavy if I did not meet a fryer. So one day, I made a pizza, folded and sealed it, and before I baked it, I put it in the deep fryer. It came out real tasty.

17 Michelina Frozen Dinners

I was so hungry, I would microwave two while I ate two. I finished 17 of them. I did not feel good afterwards.

So there you go. When you eat a little more than you should, when you indulge in a larger meal…remember one thing.

It is not as bad as the food I created. It is not as bad as what I have done.

Just make the next meal, tomorrow, or right now… better by acknowledging you can do better. I did.

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Tony Posnanski is a renowned blogger, chef, and Anytime Fitness member. Tony was once 400 pounds but has lost 200 pounds. He writes about weight loss, fitness, motivation and more on his blog The Anti Jared.