Can You Dig It?

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My name is Joshua Michael Cox, and I am a 26 year old broken guy with a lot of cracks to my primer underneath this youthful paint job. I’m a former massive weight loser (90 lbs) who has struggled with an eating disorder almost my entire life.

I have known depression longer than I haven’t known it, and am more familiar than some people are comfortable with in regards to the realism and gritty experiences that suffering through depression can bring. I was bullied as a child culminating in getting tied up to a set of park bleachers as the turning point for me saying “no more.”

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Standing for what’s right

I’ve been referred to as a “nerd super hero” since often times my book can be judged by it’s cover until you find out the story inside is one you never could have possibly imagined. With the internal strength of the Greek God Hephaestus (PLEASE look him up…) I stand tall for what’s right, not for what’s lucrative.

I’m far from the only one who has experienced rock bottom, yet I challenge you to find a voice louder than mine. Not because I believe it’s a competition, but because MORE VOICES OF STRUGGLE NEED TO BE HEARD!

Experiences can change how you view the world

I firmly believe that part of my “draw” is the fact that I am and always will be broken. I will always have a driving spirit in me similar to “Ghost Rider.” I carry what feels like super human abilities at times and with it comes the curse of knowing what I know and feeling what I feel. I just so happen to do good with those super human abilities which tends to wreck me at times.

The end result that drives me, though, is so unequivocally positive that I wouldn’t trade my experiences for the world. It’s because of the fact that I went through what I did in the MANNER that I did, which gives me the ability to do what I do now.

Essentially, I look at what I went through as training to fight the overwhelming fight of helping people just like me not be just like me anymore.

Be one of the good guys

I liken it to when a world ranked computer hacker decides to use his skills to help out “the good guys” rather than implement anarchic destruction. He wouldn’t be able to do the work of good without knowing the trials of evil. I am that computer hacker.

Now, had someone caught on to how truly broken I really was, I wouldn’t have been made into the person I’ve been molded into. It was necessary. No one saw the forest through the trees. Had I been seen for my weaknesses, I wouldn’t have discovered the strength.

I wouldn’t have honed and crafted the skills necessary to fight something I will always feel is bigger than myself or any other human being.

Let it spread like wildfire

Heroes die, but ideas are bulletproof. I’m no hero, just a lost soul who doesn’t want to be lost anymore. I am someone who just so happens to have ideas so bullet proof that they might as well have been crafted from coal into diamonds with the amount of time this revolution has been building.

What I stand for is spreading like wildfire because I am FAR from the only one who feels this way, I just so happen to have the ability to articulate it in such a way it’s impossible NOT to resonate with people. I have the ability to showcase a message that opens up new pathways in your brain you either didn’t know existed or blocked out years ago.

To dig is to live with spirit, to put the shovel down is to die slowly.

Can you dig it?

Josh Cox is the latest addition to the blog team at Anytime Health. Josh is a certified personal trainer at the Santa Rosa Anytime Fitness, massive weight loser, and current fitness competitor. He also writes about weight loss and fitness on his blog, Time to Rebel.

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Josh is a massive weight loser. A journey that started when he was very young and battling depression, eating disorders, and bullies. His life’s mission is to always have an arm outstretched to those who are looking for a helping hand. He leads with the most important tools he has: heart and soul.