Why I Consumed Almost 10,000 Calories a Day

As you may or may not know, I love working out. This is from someone who has spent most of his life in the “morbidly obese” category. About four years back when I was able to be more active, I made a promise never to stop. I have not and I love the gym more and more each day.

My favorite body part to work out is legs. I am not a big fan of lunges but I love doing squats. I love feeling the bar on my back and going as deep as I can. Actually, I love most leg exercises except lunges.

One day I was at the gym and someone was working out next to me. He was a rather big guy but I noticed that his legs were small. He looked over at me and saw that I have pretty big calves. It is true, I have some huge calves. It is easy to get them defined rather than to build the…

“Dude! Your calves are huge!!!! Please tell me how you got them so big?”

About six years ago, I was a chef. It would take me a while to get ready for work and once I was there I had to taste everything. Or so I thought. You really do not have to “have to” anything. I could have just tasted but I ate most of everything. I would taste things four or five times, as well.

During work, I would eat some more. I would try to walk around but my back hurt, a lot. But I would walk and eat. The sit and eat. Then sit and eat some more.

After work I would walk to my car. I would tire out and have to catch my breath on the way there. Being 420 pounds was not easy.

On the way home from work I would stop at a fast food restaurant. I would order some food and then start eating. Almost every time I would be upset because I did not order enough food. It is funny what “enough food” is now. Then, I would go to another fast food restaurant on the way. I ended up going three times.

When I got home, I would eat something small. I did not want my wife to know how much I ate. I probably consumed 10,000 each day. Sometimes more.

The reason why I have big calves is because I selfishly carried over 200 extra pounds for most of my life. It has nothing to do with the workouts I do. I have big calves because I am selfish and put food before everything else in my life. Mistakes I have learned from.

Obviously I did not tell the guy who asked me the question that. I told him calf raises and doing the StairMaster helped build my calves.

But I am not proud that I have big calves. I am proud that I realized why I do and did something about it.

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Tony Posnanski is a renowned blogger, chef, and Anytime Fitness member. Tony was once 400 pounds but has lost 200 pounds. He writes about weight loss, fitness, motivation and more on his blog The Anti Jared.