4 Wii Fit Exercises to Get You Sweating

The best workout is one that you will do, and do consistently. These exercises are especially great for beginners. So if you enjoy video games and working out in the comfort of your own home, you might like some of Ninendo’s Wii Fit games. Wii Fit provides a choice of strength, yoga, and aerobic games. Although the yoga poses can improve balance, the aerobic games are the most likely to raise your heart rate—so here are four exercises to add to your Wii Fit routine to really get your sweat on!

Wii Running

If you like running, but you don’t want to run outside, you can try the Wii Fit’s free run exercise. It’s sort of like being a character in the video game: your Mii runs around a path, passing other characters and scenery on the way. For this game, you can move the Wii Fit board out of the way, stow the Wiimote in the pocket of your sweatpants, and run flat on the floor with your socks and shoes on. This is a great way to get activity in your day!

According to the American Council on Exercise, Wii running games can burn 2.7–9.3 Kcal per minute.

Wii Step

In Wii Fit’s Free Step game, you step on and off of the Wii Fit board at a set pace, learning basic step aerobics footwork patterns. The Fit board is shorter than the steps you might use in a traditional step aerobics class, so it is a gentler workout for a beginning exerciser or a person with knee issues. One disadvantage to the short step is that you won’t burn as many calories but you can fix that by raising your Fit Board a off the floor. Step extenders retail for about $30 and raise the board an extra four inches off the floor, increasing workout intensity and raising the challenge level.

The advanced step game puts the step aerobics patterns together into a routine, similar to what you would do in a live step class. Advanced step’s more complex movement patterns may help you stay interested in the game over the long-term, and the crowd of cheering Miis might help keep you motivated.

Wii step games can burn 2.5–4.8 Kcal per minute.

Super Hula Hoop

As the name suggests, once you unlock the Super Hula Hoop game, you have to try to keep virtual hula hoops aloft. You stand, barefoot, on the Wii balance board, and hold the Wiimote in your hand. The Wii sensor detects your body motion so that your Wii can match your moves. Not only do you get the circular motion, but you will also have to move side-to-side, providing a great core workout and a cardio boost. You will surely feel the burn in your abs by the end!

Super Hula Hoop can burn 2.4–5.6 Kcal per minute.

Rhythm Boxing

The rhythm boxing game provides a little boxing Mii instructor who demonstrates a series of steps and punches. You stand on the Wii Fit Board, hold the Wiimote and nunchuk, and copy the trainer’s moves. As you advance, the moves become more complicated and you burn more calories. Boxing, whether live or virtual, is a great full-body aerobic workout.

Rhythm Boxing can burn 2.7–5.2 Kcal per minute.

What is your favorite Wii Fit game or exercise?


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