23 Unique Tricks for Healthy Living

23 Unique Tricks for Healthy Living

Have you ever wondered how to build your own rowing machine, burn more calories than your personal trainer, or look skinnier? You’ll get some answers here; they just might not be what you expected!

When you go to the movies, request “Light butter” on your box of Milk Duds.

You can make your own rowing machine with two long poles and a rowboat.

Quit drinking coffee after 10 p.m.

To get in more of a workout at the grocery store, remove the wheels of your cart.

If you can’t afford a personal trainer, just dress in all black and pretend to be the shadow of person having session.

Ice-skating burns a lot of calories, so always wear ice skates just in case you run into an ice skating rink.

Always wear ice skates just in case you run into an ice skating rink

Substitute 1000 Island dressing with 100 Island dressing.

Install series of ropes or vines throughout house and swing from room to room. Tarzan’s a pretty fit dude, after all.

Try my “Coke Water” recipe (half Coke, half water); it has half the calories and sugar of regular Coke!

Instead of dipping caramel apples in caramel, just dip regular apples in caramel instead. Way fewer calories!

Got some old mushy bananas? Try going to the store and getting some new fresh bananas.

Got Old mushy bananas? Try going to the store and getting some fresh bananas

Gummy fish are a good source of Omega-3 gummy fish oil.

The only way to tell if a cantaloupe is ripe is to thump the produce guy and say “Hey, is this cantaloupe ripe, Produce Guy?”

You can make your Fry Daddy healthier by filling it with dirt and planting some herbs in it.

When you go to a restaurant, try to refrain from telling your waiter “I’ll have everything on this side of the menu.”

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and candy bars.

Avoid prolonged exposure to candy

Instead of canola oil, try cooking with can’tola oil.

You can easily make your own kettlebell by welding an iron “C” to a large metal ball.

You can make good-for-you “Fruit Loops” by looping fresh fruit.

One way to remember to take a daily vitamin is to put 30 in your mouth at beginning of month and then just swallow one per day.

In order to save calories, instead of 12 ounces of your favorite dish, try eating 11 ounces.

You can easily turn your bathroom into a sauna by hiring a company that turns bathrooms into saunas.

To look skinnier, dress in dark colors, wear vertical stripes and lose weight.

What is one unique tip you would share with the community?

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