7 Shockingly Simple Tips for Buying Groceries on a Budget

The Survive on $35 Challenge is over, but eating healthy on a budget never goes out of style. Check out these smart shopping tips – directly from the challenge participants!

Plan Meals

The first step to success is planning your meals days ahead of time. Bess from Bess Be Fit made it look easy by outlining her meals for the entire week:

Make a Grocery a List

Sit down with a pad and pen (or iPad) and create a list before you shopping. It sounds obvious, but too many of us wander the grocery aisles with only a vague idea of what we need, resulting in impulse buys and wasted food. Meghann from Meals and Miles used her shopping list to save money and stay within budget.

Choose Versatile Ingredients

Select items that you can use in a variety of dishes. Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean bought staples such as beans, lentils, brown rice, and sweet potatoes, which she used in multiple meals.

Buy Whole Foods When Possible

Skip the processed stuff and opt for the real thing in order to save money and empty calories. Mike from Frugal Fitness purchased a variety of whole grains, leans meats, and low fat dairy in order to get the proper nutrition.

Double the Recipe and Eat Leftovers

There’s no better way to make your time and money go further. Try doubling your recipes and portioning out meals ahead of time. You’ll waste less, cook less, and save more! Sarah from A Gutsy Girl uses leftovers to spice up her next meal!

Take Advantage of What’s In Season

Purchase produce when it’s in season so you can get the ripest, freshest fruits and veggies at the best price. GotheXtraMile stopped by her local Farmer’s Market and found a great selection of locally-grown produce that was both fresh and inexpensive!

Don’t Bypass Bulk and Generics

The bulk section often gets neglected, but it’s great place to get the exact amount you need, or to sample something you’ve never tried. And generics are often indis6tinguishable from brand names, but much cheaper! Erika from Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss says the bulk section is your friend, and found the high quality organics by choosing Whole Foods’ private label items.

Share your healthy shopping tips in the comments below!

Photo credit: Brother O’Mara via photo pin cc

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