Go for Gold: 7 Days of Olympic Workouts Anyone Can Do

In one of my recent blog posts, I mentioned the fact that the Olympic Games have renewed the debate over using exercise (or more specifically fitness level) as a fifth vital sign. And the Olympics certainly gets people excited for physical activity.

If you’re like me, you’ve been up late every single night watching event after event, cheering on TEAM USA at every turn.

But I think it’s about time we get in the spirit of the Olympic Games in a way that doesn’t involving lounging on the couch. How about creating your very own version of the Olympics right in your own backyard?

I’m not suggesting you go find races to compete in per se (though you’re free to do so if you’d like). But there are lots of Olympic sports and, in an effort to change up your workouts a bit, it would be great to pick several events and alternate them over the next week or two. Check out the following sample workout schedule and see if you can create something similar.

Day 1

Battle a neighbor in a best of 7 ping pong match. Be prepared to sweat though…table tennis is no joke!

Day 2

Hop on the rower at the gym and try to hit 20 minutes. You know what the rower is, right? That long, narrow machine in the corner that NO ONE ever uses.

Day 3

Mark off 100 meters, and then challenge the neighborhood kids to a race. Then, do about 9 more so you can say you actually did a full workout. Maybe throw in some lunges if you’re feeling crazy!

Day 4

Time for a swim. Do your best Michael Phelps impersonation with the 200 meter individual medley, so you can get in all four strokes.

Day 5

It’s go-time on the tennis courts. Play a set or two with a family member or friend, but remember, no throwing your racket! The sport of tennis does not tolerate sore losers.

Day 6

How ‘bout a little wrestling with your kids? Hit the lawn and tell them to “bring it!” It’s good family fun and you just might happen upon a decent workout in the process. Just watch out for knees, they can hurt when they hit faces!

Day 7

Get a few buds together for some beach volleyball. It’s fun to play, it’s a great workout, and you might end up with a nice tan. Plus, who doesn’t want to be at the beach anyway?

You just competed in six grueling Olympic events. I think you earned some R&R!

What sport is your favorite to watch during the Olympics?

Image via London 2012

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