10 Summer Beach Bag Essentials


Summer is almost over (sigh) but there is still a whole month left of beach opportunities. I have put together my absolute beach essentials list for you. Of course, you’ll have to remember your swimsuit on your own! Go grab your beach bag and make sure to include these awesome essentials.

Beach Bag Essentials
  1. Sunscreen
    This one might seem obvious but you’ll be devastated if your forget it. Protection from the sun is so important, especially when you are at the beach. I like to choose one with an SPF of 30 or higher and reapply often. Don’t forget your face and ears, which is the most sensitive to the sun.

  2. Lip balm
    Your lips can get sunburned too, so choose a lip balm with SPF. Protection aside, my lips often gets dry from the constant sun exposure.

  3. Sunglasses
    Not only your eyes also need to be protected from the sun, but also it is more comfortable to not strain your eyes from the sun. Find a pair of frames that have thin sides, like aviators, so they don’t leave a tan line on your face.

  4. Water
    Make sure to stay hydrated in the sun and heat by brining a water bottle. Who doesn’t get thirsty when they are at the beach anyway?

  5. Snacks
    Don’t forget to bring the munchies! I love brining fresh cut strawberries or watermelon to the beach. They are healthy and also contain water so I am not left dehydrated after my day in the sun! What’s your favorite healthy snack to bring to the beach?

  6. Beach Towel
    Sadly for me, I have forgotten my towel a time or two, and it is not so much fun. I recommend bringing two towels if you have the space. That way you can use it as a pillow, or loan it out to someone, like me, who forget.

  7. Swimsuit Cover Up
    Bring a sundress or an oversized t-shirt to throw on over your wet swimsuit to walk around in. It is nice to have something quick and easy to throw on that you don’t mind getting a little soggy.

  8. Magazines or Book
    Your current book or favorite magazine is essential if you are planning on doing less swimming and more lounging. It keeps you entertained and relaxed and allows you to enjoy the sun.

  9. Essential Hair and Makeup Products
    I also like to have my essentials like concealer and mascara to refresh my face when it’s time to go. I also have unruly curly hair so I like bringing a curl activating spray to help tame my mane.

  10. Additional Set of Clothes
    Bring a set of clothes that you can change into when you leave, because no one likes staying a in a wet swim suit for long. And your car seats don’t like it much either.

I hope you are having safe and wonderful summer in the sun as I am.

What are your beach bag essentials?

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