Take Your Workout Into the Water


Who doesn’t day dream while at work about getting to the river, lake or ocean so they can enjoy the fun and relaxing water activities? I know I do. What’s better? Swimmers—like most other exercisers—cut their risk of premature death in half compared to inactive people, and the one big plus swimming has on its side: it’s low-impact so it’s easier on the muscles and joints.

The benefits of water-based exercise continue. It can improve affected joints of those with chronic diseases (i.e., arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis) without worsening their symptoms. Exercising in the water also has a huge impact on mental health. Those who participate in water-based activities often have lower anxiety, less risk of depression, and improved mood.

Not only are water activities rank in the A+ category health-wise, physically they give you a great total-body workout and some huge calorie burns—all while you’re hanging out with friends and family in the sun! Plus, since most of the workouts you can do in the water are all about taking in your surroundings, so you actually enjoy what you’re doing without even thinking about the workout it’s giving you.

Water Workouts to Try:


This is hands-down the best water exercise to try. It works every part of your body and is low-impact. This isn’t just hanging out in the water, it involves moving your arms and legs and swimming from A to B. You’ll burn up to 450 calories per 30 minutes!

Kayaking or Canoeing

Not your usual upper-body workout! But kayaking and canoeing allow you to take in some great views while also toning your core and arms. This is the perfect workout for travelers! Grab a rental and get out on the lake or river. It burns up to 200 calories per 30 minutes.


Whether you’re on a Sunfish, Laser, Hobby Cat, or Keel Boat, you’ll be burning calories while taming the sails—about 205 per hour.

Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding

Ah, yes, the current trend! But the hype is all worth it! Some experts have said that 30 minutes of SUP is like jogging 6 miles thanks to its total-body-engaging factors. You’re going to burn at least 125 calories per 30 minutes, more if the waves are rougher.


Hang ten! This workout is a calorie burner from start to finish. You have to get out into the surf using your upper body, and then it’s all lower-body-core strength from there to get you back to where you started. You’ll burn at least 125 calories per 30 minutes, more if the waves are rougher.

Water-Skiing and Wakeboarding

You need arm strength to get up, core strength to stay up, and lower body strength to keep it up! It’s like a long wall sit, only fun! You can expect to burn a good 245 calories per 30 minutes.

Deep Water Running

Yeah, that’s right, running in the water! No pounding on the knees or feet here. Just lots of kicking/running to keep yourself afloat. Feel the burn in the whole body with this one and torch about 470 per 60 minutes.

Snorkling and Scuba

Check out the underwater world while you work out. The constant kicking and swimming will burn about 310 calories an hour. Plus think of all the cool fishies you’ll get to see!

Water Volleyball

Take the game into the water for an added challenge as you have to use your body to fight against the water for every ball. And the best part is—no watering the court’s hot, sandy lines on a hot day! An hour will burn at least 325 calories.

How do you take your workouts into the water during the summer?

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