How to Get Your City Walking

We have gotten so used to “hopping the car” to go to the supermarket, when in some cases it’s a 5-minute walk away. I know I have driven to places that are less than a mile from my home. So, how can we change this behavior and make it more enticing to walk? Educate!

That is what Matt Tomasulo is doing in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has started a movement creating unsanctioned street sign campaign, Walk Raleigh. And he has caught the attention of both his local community and all over the country (and even world)!


Walk[Your City] is his newest baby.

It is an open-sourced online resource for anyone to auto-magically create their own guerrilla wayfinding sign to export, print and install.

Learn more about this project!

To learn more about this project at Kickstarter and FastCoDesign

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