Behind the Scenes: OKC Youth Wrestling Foundation

Secret Millionaires

Could you live on $35.51 for an entire week, in 100 degree temperatures while dedicating 15-20 hours a day to local organizations? Dave Mortensen and Chuck Runyon are no strangers to this lifestyle, after being on Secret Millionaire last Sunday evening. But what aired on TV was only part of the story.

The show’s producers told the OKC Youth Wresting Foundation, that they were “Independent film producers working on a documentary about organizations that help others.” They were completely unaware that Chuck and Dave were the co-founders of Anytime Fitness. The producers simply said that Chuck and Dave were “volunteers,” helping to produce the documentary.

Meet the Warriors! Oklahoma City’s (OKC) Youth Wrestling Foundation.

We exist to build relationships between at-risk youth and caring role models through the sport of wrestling. Through the relationships built, we seek to influence each child’s behavior by teaching and modeling positive character.

During their week playing the role of volunteer, Chuck and Dave learned how this organization is going above and beyond just ‘volunteering.’

As Tyler Williams explained,

These kids come from all different kinds of backgrounds, many of them are fatherless.

As Chuck Runyon said during the show,

”It’s not a wrestling organization, it’s a rescue organization.”

Tyler Williams and the volunteers from the OKC Youth Wrestling foundation create a safe environment where these local elementary aged children can learn. But they are not just about getting these kids prepared for wrestling matches. They want to teach them positive character, leadership, pride, and confidence.

“We want to teach them to strive to be better, not just accept whatever situation they have been given,” stated Shelby Bullard, coach for the Warriors.

Helping Those in Need

The OKC Youth Wrestling Foundation provides this program free of charge to families who otherwise couldn’t afford it. Support the Warriors by donating today. Any amount will help lead these youths to a better future. If you’re an OKC resident, consider donating your time to this amazing organization.

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What was your latest volunteer/donation adventure?

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