6 Adorable Fitness Tops for $20 and Under

Looking great on a budget is my fashion philosophy! With a little searching and patience you can always find a good deal and it will be worth it. After looking online and in stores I found 6 adorable fitness tops for $20 and under.

6 Fitness Tops for Under $20

  1. Don’t ever underestimate Target’s clothing and accessories, even their workout gear is great and is at the right price for anyone on a budget. This top is colorful, but not too crazy with the blue, green and yellow. The pattern is slimming and will work perfect with your black yoga pants. It’s only $14.99!

  2. Don’t forget to check out the Anytime Retail Store, they have great gear picked out especially for you. This top is simple, yet bright. The pink is perfect for energizing you and make you feel feminine while working out. The best part… it’s only $18.00.

  3. A good bet for good prices is Old Navy. This top is a unique fit with the bubble bottom. It is a looser fit to help conceal anything you don’t want people to see. It is comfortable, cute, and easy to wear and comes in multiple colors. Great price at only $16.94.

  4. Another Old Navy top has a sexy feel with a sweat heart neckline and a cut-out in the back. The top is super bright and stylish everyone else might not even think it is a fitness top. The big print is also flattering to every shape. This adorable top is even on sale right now for $17.99.

  5. This tank top from Kohl’s is great for your sweat sessions at the gym. The tank has a fun abstract line pattern on it, and comes in grey and pink. This fit is a little looser and will work great for running with shorts. This top is the lowest price at only $10.00.

  6. Last, but not least here is another top from the Anytime Retail Store. This top is black, which is a universal flattering color and features a fun, feminine design on the front. This top is great for only $20.00.

Where is your favorite place to shop for workout clothes?

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