Sitting – Are You Doing It Too Much?


You have seen the studies and they show the same thing. The change in our world has led our workforces to sit all day. And that large amount of sitting is killing us all.

“The human being was designed to move,” explained Dr. James Levine during a discussion with MPR. However, more and more we don’t move. We sit in one position all day. And even those who workout, should know, it’s not enough to get just that 30 minutes a day.

“There is somewhat shocking data that suggests that if you’re a good regular gym-goer, three times a week, that may not be as good for your health as interspersing little activity throughout the day, and standing is part of that,” said Dr. Levine.

So, what does this mean?

  • Get up and move (at least) every hour during the day.
  • Consider purchasing a standing desk or create your own.
  • Use a Balance Ball as your computer chair.
  • Try the pomodoro technique (double benefit: this increases productivity)

To listen to the entire episode, click here.

How do you incorporate movement into your day?

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