One “Tough” Cookie

My journey started just after the first of the year. The owner of my Anytime Fitness and two other members prompted it. They started talking to me about a national fitness/obstacle event called Tough Mudder. They saw something in me that I had not, yet after giving it some thought, I decided to dedicate all of 2012 to training for the event and planning on doing one tough mudder a month.

The first event was in Arizona. I loaded up my car, left the cold of Wisconsin, and hit the road for my first challenge. Along the way I stopped to workout, twice a day at the Anytime Fitness’s in each state I passed through.

Upon completing the first Tough Mudder, I realized that the hard work and my attendance at the gym had paid off!

1,200 Workouts

Since I joined Anytime Fitness in Feb. 2009, I have worked out twice a day and not missed a day in three years. That is 1200 workouts at Anytime Fitness!

I never gave that any thought, it was just something I did because working out helped me both physically and mentally.

Over the course of those three years, I learned more than I could have ever hoped from my Anytime Fitness staff and trainers. And that put a fire inside me. I wanted to learn more about nutrition and making myself even healthier.

My Journey

That being said, after my participation of the Tough Mudder event in Arizona, I knew this was something I needed to do more of, so my journey continued.

From Arizona, I traveled to East Texas, then to Southern California, and most recently back to Texas for yet again another Tough Mudder event.

"And that put a fire inside me"

I also began participating in the Warrior Dash event, which is also a nation wide running/obstacle event. I would encourage anyone to participate in the Warrior Dash.

Traveling across the country may seem like a challenge in and of itself but I always found that as I traveled from state to state, I could always find an Anytime Fitness to train in. Anytime Fitness gives me the opportunities to recharge before my race..

My ‘Why’

This particular journey is quiet simple: I hope to kick butt at the Tough Mudder World Championship the end of this year. That being said, my expedition has caused me to gain new perspectives on many things!

My perspective has drastically changed on overall health and fitness of other people. I have seen too many people struggle with their health and fitness goals. I remember feeling that way! I want to help those people who struggle!

People really do want to make change, but just don’t know how to get from A to B. I believe that my experiences, true desire to help others, and not wanting or expecting anything in return, might just help them have success in there goals.

Heath and fitness is actually quite simple, and I believe honesty and truth is what is needed and I can provide that to willing ears.

Participating in fitness events and training daily has not always been my lifestyle, but during these past three years my life has dramatically transformed. And I am not only able to do things I had not thought possible, but I am way healthier than I imagined.

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