High Intensity Hotel Workout


We have all by now seen the body squats, the chair dips, and the suitcase deadlifts that are a part of the cliché hotel workout seen in most every muscle and travel magazine. I have a suggestion for stepping it up a notch with this High Intensity Hotel Workout.

I spent a frigid night in a Taos Ski Valley room two weeks ago, and found some great tips for not only staying warm throughout the night, but also getting a great workout upon waking.

Firstly, I find a great way to “prime” the cold sheets and create a warm bed before settling in is to do sideways mountain climbers. Same thing as a normal mountain climber except in this scenario you just pump your knees towards your chin with feet tucked.

The Workout

Upon waking up, turn sideways and pump out fifty sideways mountain climbers/bicycles, (you’ll probably have them perfected by now.) Next, face the ceiling and bounce a few times on the bed lightly to gain momentum in order to execute a mattress assisted kip-up.

Now that you’re standing on your feet, you’re in a perfect position for 50 slow motion burpee’s (no reason to go crazy when the coffee hasn’t even been drank yet). Stay down for the fiftieth burpee, and do 20 slow motion push-ups (five seconds down, two to three seconds up) until you cheat the last one, (having to lift your butt up to complete it with shaking hands, or drop to knees).

Next descend into an isometric push-up (with upper arms @ 90 degrees and perfectly plank straight back) and hold until your kissing the carpet.

Rise up into 10 walking push-ups and then descend on the last one into a plank that you will hold for 1 minute. Roll over, and do twenty-five V-Up’s to the best of your ability.

And then reward yourself with a cup of Seattle’s finest!

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