“Hi Betty” Arm Workout


Have you ever waved to a friend and felt your arms jiggle a little? It’s frustrating! This motion we dislike so much is called a “Hi Betty.” The term was coined by my lovely grandma, who said a woman at her pool always waved to her friend Betty. And as she waved, her arm would jiggle from side to side.

As swimsuit season approaches, many of us are trying to get rid of those ‘Hi Betties.’ Check out this workout that will help tone your arms and get rid of that jiggle!

Print this out and bring it to your club. Start with a 20-60 minute cardio warm-up (depending on your level of fitness) and then proceed with the workout.

“Hi Betty” Workout

Beginner: Go through once.
Intermediate: Go through twice.
Advanced: Go through three times.

When you are done with the workout, please come back and tell us in the comments below how it went for you!


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