The Secret to Thrift Store Shopping


When you walk out of a thrift store knowing that you just saved (at least) $100, that is when you will understand why thrifting is super dee duper. I have found some unbelievable deals at the local Goodwill in the past year, especially on days (Sun., Mon., Tues.) when the sticker color is discounted. Not a fan of Goodwill, you say? Let’s talk.

If you have shopped at Goodwill in the distance past and not been impressed, I can empathize, but today the Goodwill stores are getting overstock from other superstores, and you can find anything from brand name clothing, games, books, picture frames, stationery, even electronic media.

And all enormously discounted. Look at what I have saved on.

My Awesome Goodwill Deals

  • Brand new Hurley Board Shorts with a $49.99 price tag for $4.99.
  • 3 pairs of Carhartt Painter Pants with a $29.99 tag for $4.99 each.
  • A pair of wool jeans for under $20 that had $200.00 JC Penney tag still attached.

When it comes to books there is no better place to go than Goodwill for a great deal. Their bookshelves are usually stocked with mostly quality books, and every store also has a heavily discounted book bin has produced some great thrifts for myself!

Of course buying something that you don’t need just because it is a great deal is wasteful, and I don’t encourage that, as you might then make the dreaded metamorphous from a “thriftier” into a “hoarder.”

So to avoid the above, every time you enter a thrift store repeat these words of wisdom I gleamed from last week’s fortune cookie; “A bargain is a price you can’t resist for something you don’t need.”


Things I Don’t Condone Buying on the Cheap

  • Shoes: Two thirds of your life on your feet, don’t be ortho cheap.
  • Mattress: A third of your life spent sleeping-may as well maximize your R.E.M. potential.
  • Food: You pay for what you get-especially with food. There is a reason it is on the dollar menu.
  • Coffee: Life’s too short to drink Folger’s.

Is there anything else you readers don’t condone buying on the cheap?

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