300: Rise Of An Empire Bodyweight Workout

Who’s excited for 300: Rise of an Empire? This sequel brings the return of our favorite hard bodied warriors. And even though we won’t be seeing Gerard Butler in the sequel, the workout regiment the actors endured during the first film had to be amplified!

But remember…

It’s not about how much weight you lift, but rather, how you lift it. This workout will not only aid in your quest for that Spartan-esque physique, but you’ll only need your body weight to complete it. Designed to test your strength and endurance, this full body workout will surely make the late, great Leonidas proud as you prove just how much fight you’ve really got in you…

The Workout


Complete each “battle” 3 times through before moving on to the next one, simple as that!

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Final Battle

Tabata Burpees (8 sets of 20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds rest)

Exercise Reference Guide

Lunge Punches – Take a stationary lunge position (one foot forward the other stretched behind you balanced on your toe) and then proceed to put your dukes up like you’re ready to start boxing. From here, bring your back knee straight down in a standard lunge and then as you come up, punch across your body with the arm that’s on the opposite side of the foot that’s forward. Make sure to fully stretch out your punch to engage as much of your body as possible.


Push-up to Arm + Leg Raise – Get in a push-up position and make sure your feet are in a wide stance. Once in position, you’re going to do a standard push-up and as you come up you’re going to extend one opposing arm and one opposing leg as high up as you can while still maintaining your balance. Revert back to push-up position, do another push-up, and switch to the opposing limbs. Alternate back and forth and repeat!

Chin-Up Holds – Find a bar or pull-up station for this one (anything that will support your weight). Get into a chin up position (palms facing behind you when hanging) and pull yourself as high as you can and hold it! If you’re not able to do a full pull-up to get into position feel free to utilize a step or bench to get yourself in position to hold.

What’s your favorite bodyweight exercise?

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