3 Easy Ways to Have a Healthy Road Trip

Fast food, munchies, and hours of sedentary time in the car are synonymous with the end-of-summer road trip, but like every aspect of life, there is a healthy way to venture! Remember these three tips, and enjoy your road trip without reaching for fries or a stale bag of chips from a gas station!

1. Pack Food


This is the easiest solution to the “road trip food problem.” It means you are in control of the food available to you. Whole fresh fruit, trail mix, and whole grain crackers are easy to pack and great snacks to munch on. Before you head out, pack a cooler and be on your way.

2. Strategic Pit Stops

During longer drives, find interesting places to stop and stretch your legs. This breaks up any monotony in the day and allows you to get in some “exercise” while taking in a new adventure. Historical and geographical landmarks are scattered everywhere and anywhere! And who doesn’t love the random “largest rubber band ball” or “best chili in the nation” pit stop?

3. Know What to Buy at the Gas Station

The gas station stop is inevitable. And when hunger strikes, it’s often the wrong foods that appear most tempting, but in the long run, nutritious foods keep you full longer and feeling more refreshed. At a gas station, be on the lookout for fresh fruit, nuts, and vegetables. Avoid foods loaded with preservatives and sugar, such as donuts, hot dogs, and potato chips.

Most importantly, enjoy your road trip. It’s the end of summer, and exploring new (and old) places is what makes this season so great. Treating your body right during these trips will allow you to feel great from sunrise to sunset.

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Lee is the blogger behind fitfoodiefinds.com. Lee is a recipe developer, certified Yoga Sculpt Instructor, and amateur photographer. She loves the outdoors, eats a lot of peanut butter, and is up by 6AM.