3 Amazing Anytime Fitness Members Conquer Physical Limitations


It’s remarkable what the mind can get the body to do through sheer grit and hard work. These three Anytime Fitness members don’t let physical limitations keep them down, and prove [often amazing] progress is always possible. They shared their #MyAnytimeStory with us, completing the sentence “I knew it was time when…”. Prepare to be inspired!

Clay C. from Sapulpa, OK

I knew it was time when… “Doctors told me I needed to join a gym or risk not being able to walk again.”

Clay C

“When I began working out at Anytime Fitness, I could not walk more than one minute on the treadmill. Now, three years later, I can walk one hour on the treadmill. I have gone from very little hope of walking again and being confined to a wheelchair, to now walking using one crutch. I have lost 25 pounds since joining and I am stronger than I ever thought I would be.”

Read Clay’s full story.


Michelle C. from Auburn, CA

I knew it was time when… “I decided to stop letting things like my disabilities hold me back.”

Michelle C

“I was my own biggest obstacle because I let the fact that I’m legally blind, partially deaf, and have fibromyalgia keep me down. Once I decided that I wasn’t going to let those things hold me back, there was nowhere to go but up. So far I’ve run two 5k races and now I’m training for a half marathon. I have so much more self confidence and now when someone says I can’t do something because of a disability I say “WATCH ME”!”

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Schuyler J. from Barnesville, GA

I knew it was time when… “I realized that I’m the only functional quadriplegic who is in a position to inspire.”

Schuyler J

“I wanted to keep making progress after I was deemed a quadriplegic. I knew that’s not where I wanted to be for the remainder of my lifetime. So by the grace of God I was able to become a miracle and beat the 1 in a million odds, so now I share my story to inspire and motivate others as I am trying to achieve my own goals.”

Read Schuyler’s full story.

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