21 Motivating Fitness Tips From Anytime Fitness Members

If you’ve been lacking motivation lately, turn to fellow Anytime members! They’re here today to help inspire, motivate, and coach you to better fitness, nutrition, and overall health.

  1. Whatever program you decide to do (paleo, vegan, crossfit, anytime fitness, zumba, etc.) find a way to make it a lifestyle change and not just another “diet”! – Drew, Fit2Fat2Fit
  2. Be consistent with your cardio and step out of your comfort zone when it comes to weight training! Always vary your strength routine to keep your body guessing and your mind from getting bored. – Heather K.
  3. Documentation. Record your work-outs and your diet. When you want to give up, look at where you have been. Often, when we want to give up it is because we don’t realize how far we have already come. The only person that can make a difference in your life is the person in the mirror. – David R.
  4. Get an awesome personal trainer to keep you motivated, and don’t forget to have fun!!! – Janet H.
  5. No matter what your disability may be (for me it’s my partially paralyzed left hand/arm and fractured skull) you can basically do anything you set your mind to. – Jordan S
  6. Don’t skip Monday’s! Don’t be afraid to lift weights ladies, you aren’t going to look like a man… you get out what you put in! Don’t be afraid to work out with the big boys. – Brady G.
  7. Burpee’s are scientifically proven (source needed) to elevate levels of sexiness to the nthdegree. – South St. Paul Anytime Fitness
  8. Never compete with anyone else but yourself. – Fiona S.
  9. I would say eating the right food should be the FIRST step in your fitness plan. – John C.
  10. Make a plan for your nutrition and your workouts! Stick to the plan. Have some fun and boom RESULTS! – Samantha S.
  11. Have a fitness buddy! – Britney J.
  12. Take starting pictures and measurements! Record your training, write notes so you know where to start the next time. Be forgiving to yourself, tomorrow is a new day. – Jeff K.
  13. Limit the amount of sodas and beer! – Ernesto D.
  14. Complex carbs before workout for fuel. Carbs and protein post to replenish glycogen storage and repair muscle damage. You HAVE to eat! Every 2-4 hours to rev up that metabolism and put your body into fat burning mode! Nutrition is 80%of the game. If you don’t eat right, you won’t get the results you want. – Kim C.
  15. Do something at least 3 times a week. If you can’t find the motivation to work out, at least go for a long steady walk. – Albizu A.
  16. Work with a trainer to develop a workout plan designed to help you reach your goals. Then change it up frequently so your body can keep transforming into your goal image. – Craig H.
  17. Don’t sabotage all of your hard work at the gym with the food/drink that you put into your body. – Samantha H.
  18. Educate yourself. Fitness doesn’t start with motivation and the gym. It starts with what you know. – Adam W.

  19. When it seems like you are not making any progress, keep working at it. In the end, everything you have done will make a difference!Christina C.
  20. Reward yourself every so often as incentive to stick with the plan. I’m wearing a nice, new Nike top that I spent a little bit more on than I normally would, but it was my spot reward for sticking with my fitness and nutrition plans. – Lindsay L.
  21. Every obstacle that falls on your path is just a stepping stone to your success! – Krystyn T.

What about you… What’s your number one fitness tip?

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