21 Fun Gift Ideas for Fitness Fanatics

Forget your fallback gifts. You know, the ties for dad, scarves for mom, and general gift cards for Mr. and Ms. Hard-to-Please. You can do better! The great thing about fitness-oriented presents is you can get personal by thinking about your friends’ and family members’ favorite activities or health and wellness goals, and then find something super stylish and useful to support it—and them. We polled our trainers to find great options for all sorts of active people. Here you go!

Gift Guide for Fitness Fans

Medal Rack


Medal Rack

Train-Race-Beer and other personalized options by PineconeHome make participating and showing off your hardware even more fun!

Yumalina Pant


Water Resistant Pants

Skiers, snowboarders, and more will appreciate the comfy water-resistant Women’s Yumalina™ Pant or Men’s Returnia™ Insulated Pant.

HooHa Ride Glide


Personal Care Kit

So many exercises, so little time! Help clean up your active one with a Paper Shower, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Hoo Ha Ride Glide (for women) and other favorite personal care products.

 Ogio Big Dome Duffel


First-Rate Gym Bag

Keep track of everything (and contain smells) with fabulous multi-use, multi-pocket options like the Ogio Big Dome Duffel or Tyr Alliance Team Backpack.

Honey Stinger Energy Chews


Energy Boosters

Get ’em going and revitalized with Honey Stinger Energy ChewsBounce Natural Energy Balls, and Turkey Perky Jerky.

 Blender Bottle


Blender Bottles

If they’re juicing, smoothie-ing or boosting, blender bottles like the Blender Bottle Sport Mixer will be appreciated. Don’t forget to include a handy Bottle Bright cleaner!

 Grid Foam Rollers


Therapy Rollers

Work it out! Grid Foam Roller, TriggerPoint Theraphy Rollers & Gaiam Foam Rollers are great for muscle prep and recovery.

 Meal Prep Bag


Nice Tupperware

Staying strong with your nutrition game is easier if you pack your own meals and snacks. New containers will do, but ISO Meal Bags are the ultimate equipment for serious packers.

Fuel Meals


Meal Prep Service

FuelFood, New Vision Nutrition, and others make meeting food goals and calorie counts a whole lot easier as well. 

 Instant Hand Warmers


Cooling and Heating Packs

Instant Hand Warmers are a nice treat for outdoor runners and other sports, while Instant Ice Packs help for recovery.

Strength Training Book


Reading Material

Knowledge is power! Hit the book store for resources like “Strength Training for Fat Loss” by Nick Tumminello, which equips beginners with great information, tips, and exercises.

 Tension Tubes


Tension Tubes for Travel

Resistance bands and the ever-popular TRX bands are light and easy to pack, with full-body workout potential.

 Spotify Music


Music Mix

Make your own mix, ol’ school. Even better: consider a Spotify Premium account ($10/month), Spotify Running (to match music to your running pace) or Spotify Family (to enjoy music with the whole family) for long-term motivation!

Saucony Running Gloves


Outdoor Running Gloves

Arm someone for the elements (and occasional texting) with multi-purpose glove-mittens like Saucony Ulti-Mitt Black.

Daily Affirmation


Daily Affirmations

Help start each day off in an inspired direction with guidance from a calendar or book like The Present Moment Daily Affirmations.

Versa Grips


Weight Lifting Grips

Versa Gripps and WODFitters Strength Wraps will help the intermediate to advanced lifter strength train easier and safer, with heavier weights.

Camelbak Podium Bottle


Water Bottle

You can never have enough (they disappear like socks!), and this awesome Camelback Podium Bottle keeps things cool, sealed, and easy to sip.

Victoria Secret Sports Bra


Stylish Support

Fashionable, yet supportive gear like this Incredible Victoria Secret’s Sports Bra or Champion Performance Capri Leggings adds up. As do flashy yet comfortable fashion like Shebeest Cycling Apparel (for women) and TASC performance wear (for outdoors). Treat away!

 Wireless Sport Buds


Wireless Ear Buds

Tunes are essential for most, and wires just get in the way. Upgrade their buds with BlueAnt® Pump Wireless Sportbuds.

sports belt


Running Belt

Keep stuff safe! And nearby. FITLETIC sports belt can hold keys, ID, and is big enough for the new iphone 6+ (and most Android models).

Get to a Healthier Place


Get Someone Started

Some people need a bigger nudge to Get to a Healthier Place, and that’s where sponsoring a year’s membership or some personal training sessions can really be helpful.

Happy shopping!

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