Endurance Cardio Workout for Rowing

Each week you’ll complete at least one endurance cardio workout. The type of cardio you do is up to you! You could certainly use the rower, though you might not find rowing for a continuous 45 minutes doable in the beginning. Consider the treadmill (walking, jogging, or running), elliptical, or any type of bike. You can complete your workout indoors or out. Your focus should be on moving through a variety of intensities throughout the 45 minutes. If you’re just getting started or easing back into working out after an extended break, feel free to work up to the 45 minutes. You can either decrease the timing of any of the three challenge sections, or complete 1 or 2 blocks. Be sure to always include the warm-up and cool-down.

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     Time           Section            Intensity/Effort       Drill 
 5 min  Warm-Up  Easy Focus on waking up the body, warming the core temperature, and mentally preparing for the endurance workout ahead.
 5 min Start Working  Moderate Move from the warm-up to the work; increase intensity to a place where you can talk in sentences (7-10 words before needing to take a breath.)
 8 min  Challenge #1  Hard-Moderate
Increase your intensity from moderate to hard for :20; you should only be able to speak in phrases before taking a breath. Avoid going all out or breathless during the short pushes. Then, recover for :40. Repeat 8 times.
 14 min  Challenge #2  Pyramid During the longest section of the workout, you will progress from easy all the way to hard and then back down the intensity spectrum. The toughest part will not be letting the intensity drop off right after the hard section!

  • 3 min Easy
  • 3 min Moderate
  • 2 min Hard
  • 3 min Moderate
  • 3 min Easy
 8 min  Challenge #3  Hanging Tough For the last section, you will progress from Moderate to Hard at your own pace. Each minute, you will manipulate a variable (i.e. incline & speed on treadmill, RPMs & resistance on bike) to progress through the intensities. You can change more than one variable at a time or more than one time during the minute. The goal is to see what you can handle without losing your breath.
 5 min  Cool-Down  Easy Effort Return to an easy effort before finishing your cardio session. It’s important to let the heart rate come back down before moving on with your day! Afterward, conclude with a few light stretches focusing on the muscles used during your cardio session.

You’re done, great job!

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