2015 Anytime Fitness National Success Story Winners

Anytime Fitness Awards Ceremony

There are many ways to succeed. From dropping dress sizes and lifting more weight, to completing a race, inspiring others, or even taking the leap to join a gym for the first time. That’s what makes it hard to deem any accomplishment “better” or more deserving than another. Everyone has a story, and struggles to conquer.

This year’s National Success Story winners, celebrated at the annual Anytime Fitness conference in Nashville, TN this past August, stuck out because they combine amazing feats with pure dedication and resilience. They’re more than their personal stories or accomplishments, and now motivate our entire franchise!

Mary Thoma | She lost 100 lbs & propels a movement.

Depressed and on the verge of diabetes, Mary Thoma gained more than 100 pounds while caring for her ailing father. After he passed away, Mary decided it was time to take care of herself for the first time in many years. She joined Anytime Fitness and not only did she lose more than 100 pounds, she made new friends who support one another and raise money for others in need in their community. “The Golden Girls,” as they call themselves, will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Dave Mathis | He defies medical odds & expectations.

The next time you think something is impossible, remember Dave Mathis. Born with a rare genetic disorder called Noonan’s syndrome, Dave endured nearly 40 surgeries—on his legs, heart and skull—as a child. At age 30, he participated in his first race, pushed in a wheelchair by a friend. After joining Anytime Fitness, Dave secretly trained to run in a race for the first time ever. Emotions flow when he surprises friends and family by crossing the finish line, smiling from ear-to-ear.

Lesley Hoffman | She lost 200 lbs & fortifies others.

At her heaviest, Lesley Hoffman weighed 380 pounds. Two years after joining Anytime Fitness in Oshkosh, WI, Lesley now weighs less than half that amount. How did she do it? By celebrating “little victories” (like her first real push-up) and writing motivational messages which she posts all over the gym. Watch Lesley’s story and meet the little girl who inspired her to make life-altering changes.

Catherine Anderson | She created a bright, new life.

Devastated by the loss of her beloved father, things only got worse for Catherine Anderson when her husband surprised her, a few days before Mother’s Day, by handing Catherine divorce papers. Overweight, depressed, and feeling alone, Catherine asked her mother for just one thing for her birthday: a membership to a local Anytime Fitness club. You’ll be amazed when you see the new Catherine—featured in a national magazine after losing more than 120 pounds and reclaiming her life.

Get inspired by more Anytime Fitness members at MyAnytimeStory.com or follow #MyAnytimeStory.

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