17 Awesome Healthy Eating Tips from Anytime Fitness Members

Having a well-balanced diet is the foundation to any healthy lifestyle. And who better than fellow fitness enthusiasts to share their healthy eating tips and tricks. Don’t wait, start right now.

2. Make sure protein has a presence in every meal! – @missselizabethh on Instagram

3. When I make healthy substitutions, eating healthy doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. For example, switching from white pastas and breads to whole wheat or switching from regular potatoes to sweet potatoes. I also found that keeping lots of healthy snacks around helps keep me on track! –Stefani K.

4. Know your caloric needs for your body and fuel your body with good calories. – @liv4creativity on Instagram

5. If you bite it write it! Keep a food journal it really helps to see what your eating. – Sheila P.

6. Water before you eat. Eat veggies and fruit. Try vegan days.Christina O.

8. Portion control! People forget that even if you eat very clean but over eat you can still gain weight. And no soda. – @kelly_hodgin on Instagram

10. Drink plenty of water, eat smaller portions, prepare meals that last the whole week, and eat a full breakfast. – Ernest P.


11. Plan ahead! I buy my veggies on Sunday and cut them and put them all into baggies … Then I know I eat 1 baggie per meal to make sure I am getting my veggies in. – @kolsie on Instagram

12. Find healthy foods you actually enjoy eating and it’ll be easy. – Sue P.

14. Work out hard. Eat healthy. Everything in moderation. You’ll be happy, look healthy and feel great! -@campsfire1 on Instagram

15. Use your hand to help with portion sizes. Meat, chicken, fish – size and thickness of your palm; starchy carbs (rice, potatoes, etc.) Size of your fist; fats (nuts, cheese, butter etc) size of the tip of your thumb; non starchy vegetables – unlimited! – Kathleen M.

16. More fiber, less sugar! – @solidlifefitnes

17. Bottom line eat with common sense and balance. Always remember just because it is clean healthy ingredients there are still calories. Moderation is the key. – Teena H.

BONUS: “You can’t outrun me.”

What’s your number one nutrition tip?

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